Top 10 Best Solar Driveway Lights – Buyers Guide & Reviews


January 6, 2019 By Ross Spark Top 10 Best Solar Driveway Lights – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Solar Driveway Lights – Thinking of adding some lighting effects to your driveway? Can’t be bothered by hiring and paying an electrician to wire in permanent lighting along your path? Want a cheaper alternative and better for the environment solution?Then you may find one of these top 10 best solar driveway lights to be the best fit for your needs.You can create a unique lighting system by understanding the benefits of each type of solar driveway light. These solar powered lights for your driveway are a wonderful addition to your current front yard decor.Best Solar Driveway Lights 2018Best Overall

JackyLED Solar Driveway Light1 Year WarrantyIP 68 Weatherproof RatingAluminum Die CastcheckLast up to 72 hours

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Best Value

Sursun Solar Driveway LightsEasy to use1 Year Warranty10 Hour batterycheckBest Value

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Garage Light

Litom Solar Driveway / Garage LightsHigh reviewsIP 67 Weatherproof 45 day money backcheck36 month warranty

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Moonrays Solar Driveway Lights30 Lumens per light1 Year WarrantyLights 48 inch areacheckBrightest Option

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2nd Brightest 

Solarglow Solar Driveway Path Lights15 Lumens per lightLifetime GuaranteeMetal Bodycheck2nd Brightest Option

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Convenience of the Best Solar Powered Driveway LightsThe modern means of outdoor lighting today is solar-powered illumination. This type of lighting is especially useful if you need to light up a driveway. The convenience is two-fold. On the one hand, you avoid expensive and elaborate wiring, and on the other, the lights do not need regular maintenance once installed as they will switch on and off automatically. The cherry on the top however, is that you will save a considerable amount of money in energy bills by utilizing solar energy. Here we will be discussing solar lighting with a particular focus on best solar driveway lights.

Whether your driveway is in a private home or a commercial establishment such as a club, store, resort or office, proper illumination of the pathway is essential. Adequate lighting not only makes the approach to your place more appealing but it shows the way and ensures a safe and efficient arrival for visitors on foot or those who come in vehicles.

Categories of Best Solar Driveway LightsHaving solar lights to illuminate your path is an excellent idea. The initial cost of installing solar devices is a bit expensive, but in the long run, you will save lots of money on energy bills. There are numerous other advantages of using the best solar driveway lights. So, let’s see what is available. There are different types of solar driveway lights available that will depend on your particular requirements. Here are a few of the main categories:

Ambient and Decorative Solar LightsThese can be used for the driveway to a commercial establishment like a club or restaurant. The lighting is more to add a festive air to the approach rather than of any real utility value.

Solar Path LightsThese lights are useful for showing the way. They are designed to provide sufficient lighting along the length of the approach and give direction to a person without being so bright as to cause a blinding glare. You can use these lights along a garden path or driveway to your home or a commercial establishment.

Spotlights or Focus LightsThese are the brightest lights which you can place at the entrance or exit, and you can activate them through a motion-sensing device. They are useful for security purposes. The entry and exit points of the driveway will be clear for a visitor on the darkest of nights.
Are Solar Driveway Lights right for me?Nowadays, the internet is a great place to shop for stuff, and there is a great variety of solar lighting available online. Just like shopping for things in the real market, you need to look around on the internet for a good online website that can provide valuable information.A good idea is to visit sites which have a considerable amount of customer reviews. The information we get from such sites will tell us that products on the website are attractive enough for customers to post comments. Then, go to the reviews section and read a few reviews. You can narrow down your search to two or three likely companies and then place an order with the one that has the following:Good, Positive reviews
Not too expensive or seemingly overpricedUseful features that match your requirementcheckSome additional unique featurescheckActive customer support and tech supportcheckEasily available with preferably free shippingcheckAttractive offers and discounts on bulk purchaseHow to Choose Suitable Solar Lights for your DrivewayChoosing the best solar driveway lights is a bit of a tricky business, especially if you are not a technical apt person. If you have access to resources, you will be able to locate a suitable choice for your needs easily. However, if you are not very tech-savvy, you can get help from someone who is. Here are a few tips on knowing good from bad solar lights:

Suitable MaterialPlastic or rubber parts are usually not recommended for outdoor use. Rubber deteriorates, and plastic becomes brittle with exposure to extreme weather conditions. Try to obtain metallic fixtures have a weather-proof coating or paint.

Robust ConstructionTwist-and-lock and press-fit components tend to show wear and tear quickly. Ensure that the components of your solar driveway lights are assembled using screws, nuts, and bolts with permanent assemblies that are firmly welded, riveted or soldered into place.

Battery SelectionThe rechargeable battery is the heart of your solar-powered device. So while choosing your solar light fixtures, avoid those that use lead acid batteries which not only have a poor lifespan but are highly-toxic. Nickel-cadmium batteries are the best bet but are also quite toxic. A good choice would be a nickel metal hydride battery which is less toxic but retains a charge for considerable periods.

Solar Panel QualityAll solar panels are not the same. Most companies give sketchy details, if at all, about the solar panels that they use in their products. Try to find out some information about the solar panels that are these companies use and that a good quality brand is used (at least a well-known brand).

Easy Installation and Connections​Installation of the units should be easy, and the wiring system has such a design that the links between each unit and the central solar panel should be quick to establish.

Secure FitYou should be able to fit your fixtures firmly into the ground. They shouldn’t come loose with vibration or get uprooted during high winds or stormy conditions. Choose solar driveway lights with long spikes that can be driven deep into the ground. You may have to pay a little more, but this will prove worthwhile in the long run.

Now, you should have a good idea about the best solar driveway lights. Once you follow these simple tips, you will be able to convert your driveway into an impressive approach to your home or commercial establishment, to make visitors feel welcome even in the darkest night. 
Best Solar Driveway Lights ReviewsHere we have made a selection of what we consider the best solar driveway lights available…Each product has been carefully reviewed, we’ve highlighted the pro’s and con’s.  

JackyLED Solar Driveway Light
Pros’s1 Year WarrantyIP68 Weatherproof RatingAluminum Die Cast Last up to 72 hoursthumbs-upWell reviewed customer serviceConsNo Auto-Dim / No Auto – OffDifficult removal in case of failureLower Level of IlluminationBest pick #1 overall…Find On AmazonThese JackyLED solar driveway lights are our #1 best overall pick. We believe that if you are looking for the best solar driveway light that this is the one. With it’s sleek design and rugged contrusction, lighting up your driveway just got a whole lot easier. At a IP rating of 68 that makes this driveway light able to completely withstand dust, dirt and sand 100% of the time. Waterproof rating is being fully submerged for up to thirty minutes in a depth of 1.5 meters…that’s quite impressive. Our top pick are these JackyLED driveway lights and for good reason. Over 4 star’s customer rating and also ‘Amazon’s Choice’ badge along with it. If everything else fails you can always count on their 1 year warranty and excellent customer service. 

We recommend charging all new solar driveway lights for 2 days in direct sunlight before use.
Downsides are being that you have to either anchor bolt them directly into your concrete driveway or ‘liquid nail’ them. Either way removal of these lights and installing replacements will be a fair amount of work if ever they do fail. No light adjustment settings available. 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

After the seller communicated with me they sent me a replacement for the ones that were not working this was very professional and highly appreciated. I will be placing an order for two more sets for my other properties as I am now convinced if I have trouble with any lights the customer service staff will assist me in replacing them.The lights look and work good! The only problem I have is there not as bright as my old deck lights that I have.

Sursun Solar Driveway Lights
Pros’sEasy to use1 Year Warranty10 Hour working timeBest bang for your buckConsLow IP44 weatherproof ratingNot very sturdy Not the brightestBest bang for your buck…Find On AmazonChoosing these Sursun solar driveway lights are our second best alternative option. These lights will work extremely well for someone that needs a quick fix. Easily line the edge of your driveway with these lights and have them working in no time. Worried that they may not do the job? 1 year replacement and refund warranty if you have any issues or just are not satisfied. Even though Sursun solar driveway lights are entry level priced, they are still made from stainless steel with plastic spikes. Along with a decent weatherproof rating IP44 you have a really good chance of maximizing the life of the lights. The brightness on these lights aren’t that exciting, only 1.2 lumens per light. Bright enough to outline a path or edge’s of a driveway. Not bright enough to see nearby objects clearly like bushes or buildings. The color these lights give off are a bright white or cold white, and there are no other options.

Customer Reviews​​​​​

These are better than expected. The light is strong, even thought it’s the very cold light often associated with led. They look better closer together than spread out.Ordered these to replace my older lights that lasted almost 4 years. These are much more sleek and modern looking than my old ones, which I like. They look great along the driveway. They are not quite as bright as my old lights but they are also much smaller. They still light up well and give enough glow to see as you walk along the path. They don’t feel super sturdy so we’ll see how long they last.

Litom Solar Driveway / Garage LightsPros’sHigh customer review ratingsIP 67 weatherproof rating45 day money back guarantee 36 month manufactured warrantyConsNone that we foundGarage light for driveway…Find On Amazon
These Litom lights take care of illuminating your driveway from a different angle. Use in conjunction with lights edging your driveway and you will never thought it would look this good in the evening. And the best part is this all has no wiring necessary, no additional costs to your electricity bill, advancements in solar products result in higher quality and long lasting solar driveway lights.When it comes to these types of lights there is lots of competition. I’ve picked these specific best solar driveway lights because they are the new generation of my previous favorite’s. You can see the older version here.

Need a refresher on what the IP weatherproof ratings are all about?… Have a quick read here… (
These solar powered driveway lights now have two panels slightly facing away from each other. A huge and improved motion sensor which was a huge complaint of the previous generation. And to top it off a new and higher IP weatherproof rating of 67! They are also well received by many of their customers with an insane amount of reviews and a very high rating still. That means they have provided what they have promised time and time again. 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

Excellent lights and SUPER sensitive to movement even from 20+ feet away. We bought a 4-pack and will be buying more. Not cheap, but they do everything we hoped for … highly recommended!Very bright. And will activate at a far distance also only issues are during install you have to use some type of adhesive. Due to the screw it’s self not been very secure. Other than that I’m satisfied with my order.

Moonrays Solar Driveway LightsPros’s30 Lumens per light1 Year Limited WarrantyIlluminates 48 inches areaBrightest OptionConsBatteries could be betterWeak mounting spikePlastic internal partsBrightest solar driveway light…Find On Amazon
Now I’ve recommended these lights before, but they are so versatile and well made that I had to add them to the list again. Moonrays solar driveway lights are taller and brighter then the competition, which is a huge win in most eyes. They have metal constructed bodies with plastic spikes that make them more durable then the competition as well. Textured lenses allow for a dramatic lighting effect that catches your eye.Warning: If you are looking for a light to enhance visibility as priority number 1 then you should maybe look elsewhere as the textured lens can be a bit distracting.

Best solar driveway lights have a brighter effect when placed closer together…
With being brighter and more durable then everyone else these lights are a great contender for best solar driveway lights. A couple drawbacks being the batteries could be a bit bigger to hold a longer charge. Another is the plastic spike… it it were metal then pushing these into the ground would be much easier. Also some customers reported plastic parts inside are keen to break if pressured. 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

Love these things. They throw out an incredible amount of light for being solar garden lights. I can’t wait to buy more. What everyone says about the cheap plastic stake is true, so push the stake into the ground first, then put the light on top.I will echo the comments that say these are good, bright lights, that run for about 8 hours on a charge. However, these lights have some serious design defects. The company also has poor customer service, although Amazon is stepping in to make me whole.

Gigalumi Solar Driveway Decor LightsPros’sBeautiful classic designWarm white lightingEye catching appearance ConsPlastic constructionWeak generic batteriesGreat accent to existing decor…Find On Amazon
We are going to jump outside the box here a bit and review a more elegant decor piece. Gigalumi’s best solar driveway lights are a wonderful change from the norm. These lights have a warming color and classic feel to them. You will be sure to turn some heads down the street with these lights lined up along your driveway.Sturdy design yet plastic construction is one downside to these otherwise beautiful lights. These cottage like lighting additions to your front yard will make coming home after a long day a little more cozy. They will make your place look great but they won’t increase night time visibility. These solar driveway lights are not for increasing safety or outlining certain dangerous area’s. Batteries could use an upgrade too… 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

These are very nice looking lights. Not the brightest but perfect for lighting a path or defining a perimeter.It is a nice looking light, and it gives a warm feel. I had to return it because I think the light is just too dim to illuminate anything. Had they used a few more solar cells and couple more batteries inside, it probably would have made an excellent bright light.

Solarglow Solar Driveway Path LightsPros’s15 Lumens per lightLifetime Replacement GuaranteeMetal Body2nd Brightest OptionConsBatteries could be betterPlastic mounting spikeBright and affordable…Find On Amazon
These Solarglow best solar driveway path lights are a nice balance between affordability and brightness. Brightness is important for any lighting, enough brightness will ensure safety and visibility during the night. 15 Lumens per light is quite high as well, that will provide enough light for you to see your way. A huge bonus to these Solarglow lights is their lifetime replacement guarantee. Along with metal constructed poles these lights are durable and backed by warranty for any doubts you might have. These lights have a huge amount of customer reviews and a high rating, which means they have been providing what they have advertised time and time again. Easy installation of these lights makes the installation job take literally no time at all. You can have a wonderfully lit up driveway very easily.

Customer Reviews​​​​​

These are lovely. I bought them to replace some old ones we had from another company several years ago. The posts are a little bigger around than the old ones and metal instead of plasticAbsolutely love these lights, but wish they lasted longer! They are easy to put together and easy to setup around the house. I originally bought one box, but went back to buy another to add more lighting.

TomCare Solar Driveway Torch LightsPros’sStand out from the rest12 Hour working timeGood BatteryIP 65 Weatherproof RatingConsBatteries could be betterWeak mounting spikeTry something different…Find On Amazon
Do you see all the same lights up and down your street? Neighbors using the lights you were going to buy? Here’s an idea! Use these highly rated TomCare solar driveway torch lights to light up your driveway! They have an amazing flickering flame lighting effect that used in the right setting could look really cool around your driveway. Not just good looking these lights also have a high IP weatherproof rating at 65. That’s going to ensure these lights take a licking and keep on ticking. A nice sized battery plus LED lighting ensure these lights will work all night so you don’t have to. 

We recommend charging all new best solar driveway lights for 2 days in direct sunlight before use.

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I love these Solar Lights!!! They look like real torches. I don’t know how they do it, but I watch with fascination as the «flames» flicker. I put them in my flower planters around my patio. These would make a great gift.It’s good for decorating, but not for lighting my yard..

Westinghouse Solar Flat Driveway LightsPros’sStainless SteelVery flush to the ground3 LEDs per lightConsNo warranty specifiedLow customer reviewsSeller does not include much informationSleek, flush and durable…Find On Amazon
Westinghouse solar flat driveway lights are not the top choice however if you need a sleek flush mount solar driveway light then consider these. The seller is not a highly recognized brand with little warranty information and lower customer reviews. They are still made of stainless steel which is a nice bonus over plastic constructed lights. 3 LEDs per light will give this light a nice brightness for your driveway.Easily mount this along your driveway and have a wonderful guided ambiance that will light up your yard.

Customer Reviews​​​​​

Great lights for pathway or plant/flower beds. Not super bright but very functional!I REALLY wanted to like these, but with no experience in this area, I guess my expectations were not realistic. Not as bright as I thought, and even with full sun all day, they do not run as long as I would have thought.

Happybuy Solar Driveway LightsPros’sRustproof cast alluminum6 LEDs per lightBright white LED colorConsScrews not includedNo mention of warranty6-8 Hours working timeBundle pack…Find On Amazon
Happybuy has these lights made of aluminum cast construction with 6 LEDs per light. Our best solar driveway lights list is coming near an end but we still have a couple products to recommend. It is true that driveway lights do look better when spaced closer together, which means you might need more lights to fill the same space. This bundle pack could help with that…One negative about these lights is they don’t come with any mounting screws. That can be a bit of a pain but sometimes you already have in mind replacing the stock screws with something a bit more rugged. If that’s the case then you don’t have to worry about not having screws included. 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

Finally got a chance to mount them. Very sturdy, nice quality Epoxy sealed units. One full day of charge and they stayed lit all night long. Better than I expected. Would buy again.I bought four, one died in least than six months, another has moisture inside. Not even used near water, mounted on a landscape timber edging the driveway.

Sterno Home Solar Driveway Street LightPros’s1 Year limited warranty4 Solar panels12 LEDsAluminum cast constructionConsShould be brighterNeeds extra stabilizationDifficult to assembleSolar Streetlight with style…Find On Amazon
Solar driveway street light with style! If you are really looking for something different to illuminate your driveway then these streetlights may be the way to go.Sturdy aluminum cast construction allows for this light to withstand minor bumps and dings. As well a 1 year limited warranty for those instances of getting a faulty product. Always a good thing to have a warranty mentioned by the seller.12 LEDs is a little low considering you want this light to be as bright as a normal street light or at least close. One downside is that it is a little bit wobbly and may need some extra support to ensure it stays upright all the time. 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I purchased 2 of these. We installed them 1 week ago, and I cannot tell you how pleased i am with them. Last Tuesday, it rained all day, and they still performed wonderfully. I want to get 4 more for my yard.The light output really is pretty low. I live in Florida so it get plenty of sun. The location is fairly shaded at times.

SummaryReviewer RossReview Date 2019-01-06Reviewed Item JackyLED Solar Driveway LightAuthor Rating 5

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