Top 12 Best Solar Deck Lights & Buyers Guide + Reviews


January 10, 2019 By Ross Spark Top 12 Best Solar Deck Lights & Buyers Guide + Reviews

Nothing creates a beautifully lit deck and homestead like the solar deck lights. They make your exterior more visually attractive after the dark night sets in and make it a much safer place. In this best solar deck lights review, we’ve taken a peek at 12 of the best solar deck lights available on Amazon.Not ready to take the plunge just yet? Still a bit skeptical about making a purchase? It’s completely normal especially if you’re new to solar lighting. Below are a few factors to help give you the nudge.OTHWAY Solar Deck LightsHoneycomb Lighting Effect IP 65 Weatherproof Rating1 Year Warranty Includedcheck6 Hour Charging Time

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Best OverallURPOWER Solar Lights for Deck or StepsAmazon Best SellerIP 64 Weatherproof Rating8 LEDS Per LightcheckBuilt In Motion Sensor

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Garden Sunlight Copper Solar Deck Post Lights 4x4Copper Finish Aluminum CastBright White LedPhoto-sensor for Auto On/OffcheckMounting Screws Included

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Davinci Solar Deck Rail Lights12 Lumens per LightBuilt In Dusk Till Dawn SensorIP44 Weatherproof RatingcheckStainless Steel Mounting Screws Included

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Derlights Solar Fence LightsAutomatic Light On SensorBright White LED ColorBuilt In Motion SensorcheckIP 44 Weatherproof Rating

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Material and build – Waterproof – Will it Last?We have all been there before. You buy some adorable looking solar deck lights and you just can’t wait to put them up and start relishing their benefits. A few days later and they start flickering like crazy until they finally give in and stop working completely. It was probably because they were manufactured using cheap flimsy material. Durability is synonymous with quality. And so our best solar deck lights made from the best quality materials will naturally last a bit longer and save you the hassle of having to replace the solar lights every now and then. And even though they might not last a lifetime, they should at the very least be waterproof.Warranty – Am I covered?This one is a given. A no compromise if I might add. You might buy a flimsy solar deck light and have to return it for repairs or replacement and without the warranty, it’ll be a long shot. However, you should know that while there’s a 12-month limited warranty covering solar deck lamps, it doesn’t include halogen light bulbs and batteries. So, if those aren’t in working condition, you’ll have to churn out cash to get new ones.DIY Solar Deck LightingWith affordability in mind, you might want to look into whether you can do a DIY solar deck lighting. Awaken that inner DIY master in you and save yourself a little cash while at it.Plug-n-Play Technology advantagesSolar powered deck lights have come a long way in recent years. And thanks to technological advances, poor quality solar powered lights are now close to non-existent. From attractive feature lighting to security, you should ensure that you keep an eye out for advancements in technology and their benefits.​What Types of  Best Solar Deck Lights Are There?

Solar Deck Post Lights – 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6 Post Cap Lights 
These lights are meant to add style and light to your entrance, deck and backyard fence. You can choose between solar deck post cap lights 4×4, 5×5 solar fence post lights or the solar post cap lights 6×6.

Solar Deck Rail Lights – Safety In Mind
These solar deck rail lights illuminate your perimeter and help both you and your guests find their way to the entrance. They also enhance safety by brightening area’s that can be troublesome.

Solar Deck Step Lights – Garden Accents
Whether you want to accent your beautiful garden and flower bed, light the paths and stairs that led to your house or just pump up security by a notch, the solar deck step lights are your best shot. Moreover, they also light your porch, deck, and driveway too and save you tons of money that you would have otherwise spent on electricity bills.

Solar Deck Lights Flush Mount – Gorgeous Soft Glow
Solar deck light flush mounts are solar powered lights that mount flush to the deck to provide ample lighting without obstruction. They allow for a gorgeous soft glow without any electricity or wiring. All you need to do is mount and install them for ambient lighting. They come with in-built sensors that automatically turn on the light when darkness sets in and provide up to 10 hours of light when fully charged.

Solar Fence Lights – Low Maintenance
Effective, affordable and low maintenance. That’s a great place to start when talking about the solar fence post caps. These lights will illuminate your deck, lawns, front porch, balcony, garage, vegetable patch, shed and plenty of other places around your homestead.

Solar Deck Lighting Ideas 
Thoughtfully chosen and properly placed deck lights provide bright spots around the house. There are plenty of solar deck lighting ideas you could adopt. But I’m just going to mention a few notable ones.Shine a style apt lightLight downwards from edge of the house to the deck.Place some lights under the railing of the deck.checkInsert lights on the stairscheckUse solar deck string lights
Brightness for Best Solar Deck LightsIf brightness is a really big deal to you, you may want to check out the lumens on the lights as they are the key to brightness. Don’t get tempted to go for ridiculously high lumens though. Sometimes all you need is a light that’ll offer from between 15 to 30 lumens or an equivalent of 4 square feet radius.Number of Lights and why it’s importantHaving just a single beam flashing light on the deck is not the most enjoyable thongs ever. In fact, it can be quite a nuisance especially if it ends up blinding everyone around. Instead, it’s useful to have numerous lights at different points to help you find your way around without stumbling over things.Rechargeable Batteries and how long they lastThis is quite straightforward really. While the solar panels are powered by sunshine, they later generate that electricity and store it in the solar light batteries for discharge when it gets dark outside. Meaning that batteries are your lifeline when you want to spend some quality time out on the deck at night. These batteries typically last for a period of 2 years after which they can no longer hold enough energy to light the deck anymore.Changeable Settings for multiple usesIt’s easy to presume that this is an obvious basic requirement for the best solar deck light. But this might come as a surprise to you. It’s not. However, to be on the safe side, it’s always nice to have an adjustable solar deck light so that you can add things like motion detection when the need arises.Range – what’s realistic?To be a good enough to make our best solar deck light list, you have to cover a large enough area. The last thing you want is to realize that you’ll barely achieve the kind of lighting that you were hoping to. Enhance Safety for Guests One more thing to keep in mind when outfitting your deck with solar deck lights is safety. Solar lights tend to be naturally much dimmer compared to electric lights which mean they are more inclined towards the ambiance side rather than safety. So, if you want a little bit of both, you can invest in some deck post cap lights but use electric lights for safety.Hours of illumination – How long will they stay illuminated?The number of hours our best solar deck lights stay illuminated is dependent on low long they received sunshine. To give you a better perspective, without any clouds, a sufficient stretch of the sun of say up to 6 hours might generate light for up to 15 hours straight.
12 Best Solar Deck Light Reviews

OTHWAY Solar Deck LightsHoneycomb Lighting EffectFrom Dusk till Dawn Sensor60 days money-back and 12 months worry-Free GuaranteeWaterproof with IP65 RatingFind On Amazon
The Othway solar deck lights are a great addition to any home. The ease of installation with mounting screws already included you can have these lights installed in no time. Features like IP Rating 65, Dusk till Dawn Sensor, 6 Hour Charge Time are all included within this unit. The versatility that these lights have are next to none. With over 700 amazon reviews and an average 4.5 stars these lights are tried and tested to work the way you want them. Try putting some in different elevated area’s around entrances and exits. These will greatly enhance the look, feel and safety of your home. Pro’sComes on at night and goes off at dawnWaterproof and Heatproof100% Customer satisfactionEasy installationCon’sNot the brightest lightSmaller BatteryDesign may not appeal to everyoneNot consistent brightness from all lights 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I love these lights. The light is warm lighting and it’s bright enough. The switch is much better and not rusty any more. So far it’s good and running. It does not need direct sun light and it can run for 6-8 hours if fully charged.These handy little accent solar lights are great for mood lighting and not strong shining lighting.

Xlux Solar Deck Step LightsFrom Dusk till Dawn Sensor9 Hours of IlluminationWarm Light or White Light Stainless SteelFind On AmazonXlux had produced a wonderful set of solar deck step lights for your home or cabin. These lights would be perfect to illuminate a backyard deck staircase or railings. You can choose from warm white or bright white to match your existing color schemes. Many other similar lights are produced with ABS plastic that is quite durable, however you can not overlook the fact these are finished with stainless steel. They should withstand most weather conditions. On the off chance you think you may have tougher weather then normal be aware they do not advertise any warranty on their page which could lead to some headaches. If you were looking for lighting up your steps around your home then these would be a top choice.Pro’s9 Hours of IlluminationWill work on 4.5 hours chargeColor ChoicesStainless Steel FinishCon’sNo Warranty MentionedNo IP Rating MentionedNot The Brightest Light AvailableStainless Steel May Rust

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I have no way to know the longevity of these little lights, but I am impressed with their performance and I love the lower Kelvin color tone – it looks close to incandescent in warmth. which I think is much easier on the eyes (and brain) in the later evening.Easy to mount. Really nice. but gave them a 3 star rating because one unit arrived with a dead battery.

Garden Sunlight Copper Solar Deck Post Lights 4x4Painted Copper FinishBright White LedPhoto-sensor for Auto On/Off FunctionMounting Screws IncludedFind On AmazonFreshly built deck in the backyard of your new home? With minimal budget you can add wonderful accent lighting by mounting these on your deck posts. They have a painted copper finish which is a nice touch then the regular plastic finish. They emit a bright white light which is great for brightening any dark area’s. Once installed and switched on you do not need to maintain them in anyway other then cleaning and the odd battery replacement. With only one AA rechargeable per unit you may need to maximize sunlight intake during the day in order for these lights to stay on a good amount of time. Most companies do allow returns of faulty products but it’s always nice to see them advertise hassle free returns which unfortunately this company does not. Deck post lights are a wonderful way to enhance your evenings spent outside. Bottom line is they are attractive to the eyes and easy on the wallet. Pro’sCopper Finish rather then PlasticAuto On/Off at night featureAttractive DesignFits Multiple Post SizesCon’sNo Given IP Rating(Weatherproof)Only one Battery per unitOnly one light color to chooseNo Mention Of Hassle Free Returns

Customer Reviews​​​​​

They were easy to install on my posts. They come with a detachable base that is screwed to the post and can be put on either a 4×4 or 6×6 post easily.I took out the rechargeable batteries they came with and put some different rechargeable batteries in. (I had already stocked up on some Amazon rechargeable batteries for cases such as this.) Now they stay nice and bright all night long.

URPOWER Solar Lights for Deck or Steps#1 Best Seller Porch & Patio Lights8 LEDs per UnitIP64 Weatherproof Rating6-8 Hours to Full ChargeBest OverallFind On Amazon
One thing is for sure, with over 7000 reviews and an average rating 4.4 out of 5 stars you can be sure these solar deck lights are well made and very useful. 8 LEDs per unit is more then most of the competitions lights. This will allow for maximum brightness and increase visibility in dark area’s. One feature that stands out is the motion sensor that will detect movement, this will increase the working time for the lights as they do not stay on all the time. Which could also be a downside if your goal is more about being visually appealing rather then safety. The neighbors or visitors won’t know you have wonderful deck lighting until they are actually on the deck. High weatherproof rating will ensure you can get a long life out of these lights without dishing our more money on replacements. Urpower has created a very useful and best overall solar deck light with its brightness, built in motion sensors, great weatherproofing and high reviews.Pro’s#1 Best SellerOver 7000 Reviews with 4.4 Star AverageBuilt In Motion SensorLong Lasting Solar Panel ConstructionCon’sKey Pin Switch can be a HassleIlluminates only a Small AreaOnly Bluish White Color OptionUnit is very light and almost flimsy

Customer Reviews​​​​​

They are light weight and very easy to install. They a bright and definitely light up the dark areas in our yard which gives a sense of better home security. I love the way these look when lit, I actually almost wish now that they stayed on all night because I enjoy the light so much.You get what you pay for. These are a great deal smaller than you might expect if you didn’t carefully scrutinize the product info. They produce a very low, bluish cast light similar to dull moonlight.

Davinci Solar Deck Rail Lights12 Lumens per LightBuilt In Dusk Till Dawn SensorIP44 Weatherproof RatingStainless Steel Mounting Screws IncludedFind On Amazon
These subtle yet attractive flat black solar deck rail lights are great addition to your backyard lighting. Sleek and efficient design may fit your personal preference on outdoor lighting styling of your home. Included in the design is a welcomed IP44 Weatherproof rating which will keep these lights working throughout most weather conditions. Set it and forget it installation with automatic auto on/off feature makes using these lights a breeze. Once they are setup they will provide 12 Lumens per light with is quite bright considering if correctly placed they could easily light up a medium sized area. Amazon has also placed the «Amazon’s Choice» badge on this product which adds helps minimize any doubt you may have in your purchase. Pro’sWeatherproofing for most ConditionsStainless Steel Screws Included12 Lumens per lightSleek and Efficient DesignCon’sHard to Open Battery CompartmentNo Hassle Free Returns MentionedNo Motion SensorNo Light Color Options

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I have had these lights for years and it was time to replace some of them. I was very happy to still be able to get them. I like them so well that I have also installed them at my cottage.Hard to open battery compartment. But all in all a good product for the price. Size of fasteners seems to be overkill. I used much smaller screws than were included and they are not going anywhere.

Baxia Solar Deck Lights With Motion Sensor28 LED’s per LightBuilt In Motion Sensor400 Lumens IP 65 Weatherproof RatingFind On Amazon
The most LEDs per unit on our list so far! 28 LEDs in each individual light is an astonishing number. Altogether they are producing around 400 lumens with a color tone of bright white slightly on the blue side. These solar powered deck lights have a built in sensor that detect movement up to 10 feet. The angle of the motion sensing is 120 degrees which can cover a wide area, this enhances safety for all illuminated area’s. These lights also come with a very high weatherproof rating coming in at IP 65, which means they should have no problem surviving outdoors. Same story as most others, peel off the protective plastic piece from the solar panel and allow them to charge in the sun for two days before using them. What I like to see if companies advertising hassle free returns, these people are no exception. These Baxia Solar Deck Lights have a 30 day money back guarantee and 90 day limited warranty. Feel at ease when purchasing lights that you know your not stuck with if you don’t like them.

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I have purchased lights from several manufacturers over the past 18 months. Baxia lights have performed flawlessly over summer heat and winter cold. These are really nice, bright lights. Perfect for my backyard, the motion sensors help us see when we are walking but the lights turn off fairly quickly so it doesn’t draw in a bunch of bugs.The price was great. My only issue was that 1 of the 4 lights does not work at all, it didn’t work out of the box.

Davinci Solar Post Lights 4×4 or 6×615 Lumens per LightEasy Fit System for Installing on Deck PostsIP44 Weatherproof RatingStainless Steel Mounting ScrewsFind On Amazon
Add a sleek classy look to your backyard deck with these solar powered post lights. Davinci has produced these lights with a nice all black finish. Easy fit design for 4×4 or 6×6 posts makes these lights quite versatile. They can also be installed on any flat surface as well, good for spacing lights between posts. As almost all lights on this list they have auto sensors for turning lights on and off at dusk and dawn. One added bonus that some of the other lights don’t have is UV resistance qualities, some lights will start to fade from sitting in the sun all the time, not these bad boys though. The battery however is a little small compared to others, they will need a full days worth of sun to charge the batteries enough to last all night. Lastly, they have only one light color option which is warm white. Pro’sSleek Matte Black DesignIP44 WeatherproofFits both 4×4 and 6×6 Posts30 Day Full Refund AvailableCon’sOnly One Light Color AvailableSmaller Battery6-8 Working HoursNot the Brightest Light Available

Customer Reviews​​​​​

These work great, bright, last all night. I wanted them to be movable, not fastened down, so I painted a 6”x6” ceramic tile satin black, and siliconed it to the bottom to give them some extra weight, as they are very light weight. Worked out very well.I ordered these because they said they fit 6×6 inch post. When I went to install it on my 6×6 post they were to small. The corners are rounded and my post are square.

JackyLED Solar Deck Lights Flush MountHigh Quality Poly-Carbonate ConstructionIP 68 Weatherproof RatingCan Withstand Weight of a Vehicle1 Year WarrantyFind On Amazon
When looking for a solar deck light flush mount you can put these near the top of the list. With extremely high weatherproof rating and poly-carbonate construction, these lights can take the most punishment. Install them along your driveway and they will survive wear and tear from your vehicle and the weather. If by chance they don’t live up to their promises you have an entire year warranty. At just under 1 inch in height these solar deck lights can be installed on the edges of your driveway no problem!Pro’sHigh Weatherproof Rating IP68Poly-Carbonate Materials1 Year Warranty Flush MountCon’sNot the brightest lightSmaller BatteryOnly good for drivewaysOnly one color option

Customer Reviews​​​​​

Item arrived on time and in excellent condition. They lights are very sturdy and appear to be very well made. They are quite bright and remain lit for many hours on a full charge. I have only had mine for a few weeks so I do not know how long they will last but so far they are doing great.Not bright at all, barely lights up immediate area. Do not use to actually give off light to an area, but to mark a path like a driveway or corner

Derlights Solar Fence LightsAutomatic Light On SensorBright White Light ColorBuilt In Motion SensorIP 44 Weatherproof RatingFind On Amazon
Derlights Solar Fence Lights have a beautiful design and would be a wonderful addition to you backyard deck. They have a nice stylish look to them and are sure to attract attention by your neighbors. They produce a bright white color from the LEDs which can help increase safety and visibility. Unfortunately they do have a low weatherproof rating which may deter you from purchasing these lights. Battery life should be better then average with decent sized batteries(1.2V/1200mAh AA Ni-MH). No mention of an hassle free warranties also may be a downside for some. Pro’sWonderful Looking LightMotion and Night Time Sensor Built In20 Lumens per LightEasy installationCon’sNo Hassle Free Warranty MentionedIP 44 Low Weatherproof RatingPlastic ConstructionThey are smaller then advertised

Customer Reviews​​​​​

As of now, we are very impressed, it’s been raining for a week and they still come on at dusk and stay on until daybreak. The frosted shield keep the light from being too bright when you look at them, yet they illuminate the area exceptionally well.I bought these wall lights with the intention of putting them on the wall in my front yard. The lights look just like in the picture with just one exception; they are like the mini version of what they look like in the advertised picture.

GreenLighting Solar Deck Post Lights 4x4Modern Design2 LED’s per LightWhite or Black AvailableDusk till Dawn Night Time SensorFind On Amazon
Not to much to say about these solar deck post lights. They don’t have any mentioned warranty. They don’t mention how bright they are or any weatherproof rating. They look great but without any more specifications I would rather trust spending my hard earned money elsewhere. Pro’sVery Nice DesignWhite and Black OptionsAuto On at Dusk SensorFit’s 4×4 PostCon’sNo Warranty MentionedNo Brightness Level MentionedNo Weatherproof RatingNot much information available

Customer Reviews​​​​​

They work great but we’re a bit small. We had to retro-fit them on our posts. We were also missing a battery cover for one. All that said they look greatThey look beautiful on top of post but when it comes to night time they are not very bright

Sterno Home Solar Deck Post Light 4×4 Aluminum Cast / Bronze FinishCrystalline Solar PanelAuto On/Off At Dusk SensorBronze Finish Cast Aluminum1 Year WarrantyFind On Amazon
We are reviewing an higher end product here, let’s see if it’s worth the extra dollars. Sterno Home Solar Deck Post Light for a 4×4 deck post  with a bronze finish and aluminum cast body. Now does that mean extra weatherproof? With no IP weatherproof rating you can be certain it will remain dust and water free. However with the aluminum body you can be sure they will survive a stray football toss much more then a plastic made light. Pro’sAluminum BodyBronze FinishHammered Glass Lens1 Year WarrantyCon’sNo Weatherproof RatingExpensiveOnly one color option availableNot the Brightest Available

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I love these so much, I bought a total of 9 of these solar lights. They look elegant and the lightstays on from sun down to sunrise. A standard 4×4 post needs to be trimmed down but that’s better because you can make them flush and equal.I absolutely loved these lights for about a month, then one of the lights stopped working. Thankfully the light was on my deck railing so it was easy to get to.

IThird Solar Deck LightsStainless Steel & ABS Plastic Construction24 Lumens per LightIP44 Weatherproof Rating1 Year WarrantyFind On Amazon
Good thing they have stainless steel construction because they don’t look as good as the rest of the lights on our list. Low weatherproof rating isn’t great either but at least they do advertise a 1 year warranty. You have better options higher on the list. Pro’sBright White Light ColorDusk till Dawn Sensor4-6 Hour Charge Time6-10 Illumination Working HoursCon’sLow IP 44 Weatherproof RatingNot the greatest visual designOnly 3 LEDs per LightNot consistent brightness from all lights 

Customer Reviews​​​​​

I have found these to be very effective for lighting up the three steps at the front of my home. They give off a bright white light, not a yellowish light and they are very consistent with my other solar lights.Good looking lights, however after about 3 days of overnight use, one of the lights stopped working entirely and doesn’t want to light up at all. They are nice looking lights, just unfortunate that one is unusable already.

Final ThoughtsHopefully, you now have a clear picture of what the best solar deck lights there are and what will suit your needs. Now all you have to do is go light it up and voila!

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