15 Best Solar Security Lights + Buyers Guide & Reviews


January 5, 2019 By Ross Spark 15 Best Solar Security Lights + Buyers Guide & Reviews

electriciancourses4u.co.uk​#​1 Best Overall -RuggedGrade 1000 Lumen Durable LED Security Light

The Ruggedgraded 1000 lumen security light has balance between being useful, long lasting, great features and affordable. This light can handle any situation and has many uses varying from security lighting, task lighting, and decor lighting.These solar security lights are built with high quality aluminum, hardened plastic, and toughened glass LED coverings and a IP rating of 65…Fully weatherproof from dust, water, and condensation.​Find On AmazonThis light produces 1000 lumens. That has the ability to brighten up a driveway, backyard, porch, act a security light, or a spotlight to accent an area of your homeAt first you may not like the idea of having separate panel and light units. And you would rather choose a solar motion light that has the solar panel built right into the top of the light. I don’t disagree that is useful, but remember it is also limiting. You may decide to relocate or reuse a solar motion light for another situation and may face the trouble of not enough direct sunlight to charge the lights batteries.​Video ​guide for ruggedgrade 1000 lumens…

​Don’t be fooled by the all in one unit…​I would bet that the reasoning behind the all in one unit is more so of simplicity. But I can assure you that this Rugged Grade Solar Motion Light does not take a expert to setup. The wiring between the two units is a simple plug and twist connection that anyone can do with ease. What that does however is bring with you the endless possibilities that this light can do for you. This light can now be used anywhere within range of the 11.5 foot cable. That is more than enough cable to allow you to mount the solar panel in a sunny location.

​Best Solar Security Lights – Full Break Down and Buyers Guide

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listBuyers GuideSolar Security Light ReviewsSolar Flood Lights ReviewsSolar Flagpole Light ReviewscheckInstallation TipsMotion-sensing and solar flood lights have been around for a long time, but only recently can we say we have truly mastered this technology to the point of being an effective, multi-purpose security and safety tool.  In today’s world of increasingly effective and efficient solar panel technology, the solar security light market has followed suit and become increasingly adaptable to an array of commercial and residential uses.When anyone is in the market for solar security lights, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding which is the best for you.
Solar Security Lights – Buyers Guide​Yes, solar security lights can be an exceptionally helpful tool for a variety of applications.It is important to identify your specific needs and understand the solar security light that is best suited to meeting these requirements.  In your search for the best solar security light, there are a number of features which distinguish those that will suit your purposes from those that won’t. If your primary concerns, for instance, are with the added security and peace of mind that these products can provide, then an option with effective motion-sensing capabilities is most likely to meet your expectations for solar security lights.If you are looking for a more aesthetic, sustained illumination effect, then you are likely to want a light that has a relatively low color temperature and offers a non-motion-sensing mode.Customers who want a truly durable, resilient solar security light should consider options with a higher IP rating which promises the maximum protection for the technology within. ​If your priorities are solely on a solar security light that provides effective, ultra-bright illumination when triggered, then you will want to seek a high lumen rating and a high LED count, as these two measures ensure the brightness and power to have the effect you are seeking.No matter your priorities and the products which might offer you distinct advantages, there are consistent considerations to be made before identifying the best option for you.  As such, our guide will help you understand the differences between the various options and, in doing so, will help you develop an idea of what your priorities are in choosing a solar security light.

Questions to ask yourself before buyingHow much of a variety do I need in lighting modes? Do I need them to stay on dusk til dawn, dim, or remain dark unless prompted by motion?Do I need 4 smaller lighting units to spread around or would I prefer 1 larger unit that will get the job done?How important is durability to my needs?  Am I concerned with the amount of weather damage a product might incur from continual rain or snow?Am I looking for a lighting option for specific tasks or will my solar security light be more of a general/aesthetic lighting unit?Do I need my light to remain lit throughout the night or does a function solely as motion sensor flood light suit my needs?Do my needs call for a light with a built-in solar panel or one that is separate and repositionable based on where optimal sunlight might be absorbed?How important is the maximum brightness of my solar security lights? Do I want to prioritize efficiency or illumination?

LEDs are long lasting compared to traditional bulbs​​Most solar products are equipped with LEDs as a low-energy, efficient, and long-lasting light bulb option.  LEDs can have a relatively long and useful life and are capable of producing impressive levels of brightness.  Per Wikipedia, one report estimates a useful lifetime of 35,000 to 50,000 hours, though the complete lifetime of these lights until failure can be even longer. As a comparison, fluorescent tubes typically are rated at about 10,000 to 15,000 hours, partially depending on the nature of use.  Incandescent light bulbs, likewise, will last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours, which clearly demonstrates the advantage of using LEDs in modern solar lighting options. Several studies have demonstrated that reduced maintenance costs from this extended lifetime, in addition to the inherent energy savings, are the most significant factor in these lights’ effectiveness and long life.Lumens, not WattsThroughout reviews of solar security lights, there is continual reference to the lumen rating of each product. So, what are lumens? The lumen is the international scientific standard measurement through which the amount of light produced by a lighting source is measured; a lumen is the internationally designated term for actual measured brightness. You may be more familiar with watts, which measure the amount of energy required to operate the light source, rather than measuring its precise brightness.  Lumens are more accurate and suited to helping you choose the amount of light that you want or need.  When evaluating the brightness on your potential new bulbs or any lighting product, think lumens, not watts.

Kelvin Color Temperature ScaleColor temperature is a highly useful way to describe the appearance of the light provided by a bulb or lamp. The temperature of light exists on a spectrum measured in degrees Kelvin (K) ranging from 1,000K to 10,000K.  Typical commercial and residential lighting options, including the solar security lights we have considered, usually fall somewhere between 2000K and 6500K, with this variation resulting in noticeable differences in a light’s appearance and therefore in its appeal to your specific application. A bulb’s rating along this spectrum of color temperature can tell us a lot about how the light produced will look and feel.  Selecting the right light bulb and lighting fixture for you requires careful consideration of the various factors involved, including the specific color temperature which can offer a helpful insight into the type and application of light that a specific product will provide. As such, it is vital to keep in mind the following differentiation of Kelvin rating in determining which best suits your needs.Less than 2000K: gives off a dim glow of light, comparable to candlelight, and is best suited for areas where low, ambient illumination is desired.  Low color temperatures such as this are primarily used in aesthetic applications.2000K-3000K: gives off a soft white glow, oftentimes with a slight yellowish appearance.  Lights such as these are best suited for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces where dim but still useful lighting effects are desired.3100K-4500K: gives off a bright white low that is effective in kitchens, offices, and work spaces where task-lighting and a generally helpful bright light is required.4600K-6500K: gives off a bright blue-white light similar to daylight.  These illumination systems are best for display areas or work environments in which very bright, effective lighting is necessary.6500K and up: gives off a bright bluish hue of light often applied for commercial, task-oriented uses.  Often extremely bright and somewhat harsh to some with more delicate sensibilities or aesthetic priorities.​»Constructed With» Materials​Most of the materials used in the construction of solar security lights are fairly familiar, but two specific materials are important to define here. Polycarbonate is a common material used for the development of durable, resilient products.  It is a transparent, strong, and stiff thermoplastic known for its outstanding impact resistance and therefore employed to ensure the resilience and durability of these products. ABS Plastic, likewise, is a high-strength plastic often employed due to its low cost, high impact resistance, and the ease with which it can be machined and thermo-formed. These two materials, thus, are put to work within many products including solar security lights to help ensure the durability and strength of the item and help to ensure that the sensitive materials within are able to survive and be put to work for your needs.​IP Ratings​A product’s resilience is measured by its IP rating (International Protection Rating, sometimes referred to as the Ingress Protection Rating), which consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined by the international standard IEC 60529, the IP rating of a product defines the degree of protection provided by the product in question against the intrusion of solid objects including body parts, dust, accidental contact, and water into electrical enclosures. The IP rating of a product is an important classification and should be taken into account as it provides consumers with a far more helpful, detailed analysis of a product’s resilience as compared to vague marketing terms such as ‘waterproof’ or ‘weather-resistant’. PIR Motion Sensor​​A passive-infrared (PIR) sensor is an electronic sensor that measures the infrared (IR) light that radiates from objects within its field of view. PIR sensors are most often incorporated as an effective, accurate sensor within motion-detecting systems and are therefore the go-to for outdoor motion-sensing security lights.  When the sensor is idle, the IR levels detected by the two halves of the sensor are identical, with the ambient levels radiating from walls or the surrounding environment remaining consistent and therefore not setting it off. However, when the warm body of a human or animal passes the sensor, one half detects this change first, which causes a positive shift in the differential between the two halves of the sensor, recognizing this change as movement and eliciting a signal to be sent to your solar security light to illuminate in response.​Lithium Batteries​A huge benefit of any solar product is the efficiency of its operation and the diverse benefits which can be generated therefrom. The incorporation of lithium-ion batteries has consequently become an increasingly integral part of solar technologies, with the high charge and discharge capabilities particularly aiding in the harvesting and utilization of this valuable solar energy. Compared to more-heavy-duty rechargeable batteries (such as lead-acid car batteries) lithium-ion batteries are relatively lightweight for the amount of energy they can store, which increases their application and appeal, especially in uses such as solar security lights which require flexibility and ease of installation and set-up. Generally speaking, lithium-ion batteries are more reliable than older technologies such as nickel-cadmium batteries and don’t suffer from many of the problems these older power sources have been known for, such as the ‘memory effect’ whereby nickel-cadmium batteries appear to become harder to charge unless fully discharged first. Since lithium-ion batteries contain no cadmium (a toxic, heavy metal), they are not only more efficient and reliable, but are demonstrably better for the environment.  It should be noted, however, that irrespective of the kind of battery, improper disposal or dumping is unadvised and can be very harmful due to the heavy metals, plastics, and other dangerous chemicals contained within.​7 ​Extensive Reviews for Solar Security LightsIdentifying a solar security light that is both effective and efficient is, it seems, a never-ending process. With modern advancements in LED and solar panel technology, however, there are some very appealing products worth considering for their specific strengths and the consequent benefits these outdoor motion-sensing security lights can offer.  In weighing these choices, it is important to keep in mind what your priorities are with respect to brightness, motion-sensing, solar panel and battery, and the overall durability and resilience of the product. As such, what follows is a series of brief reviews which detail the distinct benefits and/or weaknesses with these market leaders in each relative category in hopes of making clear the best outdoor motion-sensing security light for your specific needs.​​1 – Litom Wide Angle 24 Led Security Light​Find O​​​​​n​ ​​​​​Amazon​BrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty526 Lumens120°  angle10-26 ft range2200mAh18 month

BrightnessEquipping 24 LEDs in a wide-angle distribution, the 526 Lumens produced by Litom’s solar security light are put to optimal use for a thorough distribution of light. With 18 LEDs on the front and 3 on each side, the side illumination is naturally somewhat dim, though the extra-wide angle effect that they produce certainly serves its purpose. Ideal for coverage of a medium-sized area such as a porch, patio, driveway, or entryway, these lights should be placed a maximum of 10ft high in order to ensure the light is not spread too thin. Given this tendency, these lights are not very well-suited to intricate needs or a very large area, such as a backyard.Hue or ColorThe Litom wide-angle solar security lights are rated at 8000K, which will be a somewhat-harsh bluish hue. Though not exactly the natural white light that some consumers look for, these LEDs will produce a bright white light, with only a slight ‘iceberg blue’ hue, and will ensure bright, effective coverage of a suitable area.Light AngleThese outdoor LED flood lights advertise as having a 270-degree light spread, with the side LEDs designed to widen this angle and provide for a more distributed illumination effect. There have been previous users, however, who claim that the side LEDs do not produce an adequate amount of light to be counted evenly, possibly invalidating this 270-degree claim.  Nonetheless, these lights are perfect for a wide distribution of light, particularly in front of the light placement, rather than a strong beam straight from the light to the ground.Light ModesThis is an area in which Litom has improved its solar security lights in recent years, with the previous iterations offering pretty much every setting option except on and off. Thankfully, the version they are offering today has an excellent depth and variation of modes suitable to just about any imaginable use of these high powered solar flood lights. These lights will produce sustained medium lighting for 4-6 hours or can choose a motion-sensing mode which either dims or turns off unless prompted for full illumination for 17-20 seconds. Of, these, the latter two modes are the most efficient, with 4-6 hours of sustained lighting from 7-8 hours of charging not exactly reinventing the wheel. It has been suggested by previous customers that the dim mode is the ideal aesthetic addition to the front of a house and can still serve as a highly effective security feature when prompted by motion. The sensor mode which rests in darkness, on the other hand, may be more applicable to the back yard for comfort and security. With the controls located on the back of this product and thus inaccessible when these solar security lights are mounted, it is best to experiment and choose the ideal setting before mounting. If you decide, for instance, to switch from dim to dark settings in the backyard, good luck getting the ladder out, climbing out to the back, unscrewing the appliance, and then redoing it all.PanelsWith a singular solar panel located atop these outdoor motion-sensing security lights producing 5.5V and 0.7W, these lights are competitive in terms of energy absorption and efficiency. With a fully-integrated panel, the most challenging thing about this light and its solar panel is ensuring ideal location to maximize both the panel and the LEDs.  While one might ideally want the light in a shady or obstructed area for maximum effect, the solar panel requires direct sunlight for optimum functionality, which means that you would be well-advised to make note of the ideal location before going through the intricacies of assembly and setup. If needing illumination on a North-facing wall or an area which otherwise doesn’t receive optimum sunlight, it would probably be wise to consider an option with a separate, non-built-in, solar panel.BatteriesThese solar security lights come equipped with a 2200mAh solar-rechargeable battery to ensure efficiency and a long, long life. Indeed, this battery should be the least of your problems with this product, with defects covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and replacement batteries available if, after a few years, the battery ceases to hold the same charge it used to.SensorLitom’s outdoor motion-sensing security light promises a 120-degree sensing angle with a range of 10-26 feet, depending on the angle and positioning of the light. Though a fairly impressive distance and angle, this can be a slight downside for some consumers as the distribution is based on where the light is facing, which certainly would clash if you wish for the light and sensor to be facing independent of each other.  The two modes which use the motion-sensing technology maintain maximum brightness for 17-20 seconds, which is not adjustable and can easily be set off by pets or other animals.Will it Last?First and foremost when testing the lasting-ability and durability of a product is to look at the materials out of which it is made and the advantages the construction of this particular solar security light might offer you. This product is made of Polycarbonate (PC) and ABS plastics, which ensure a strong, thermo- and impact-resistant, and waterproof outdoor security lighting option. With an IP65 rating, this product is dust-resistant and waterproof, meaning it can be blasted with a hose or a rain storm and will be just fine, which I suppose is a minimal requirement for an outdoor LED flood light. If all of this protection fails, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month manufacturer warranty to help protect your peace of mind and security of investment.  What’s more, unlike most modern companies that come to mind, many former customers have reported widespread satisfaction with Litom’s customer service, making the whole process of getting your money back or a replacement that much easier.OverallThese Litom solar security lights offer a unique balance of advantages that can truly be applicable to a wide-variety of uses, no matter how familiar you are with solar products. With a unique wide-angle application and durable, effective construction, these lights are perfect to be set up overlooking a driveway, porch, or patio and illuminate through the night or when prompted by motion.  While you may not use this for a specifically focused light, these high powered solar flood lights will offer a unique flexibility to residential and commercial solar outdoor lighting needs.2 – MicroSolar Solar Motion Sensor Light 1000​​Find O​​​​​n​ ​​​​​Amazon​BrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty1000 Lumens​16-32 feet range​Not Specified​12 monthBrightnessOffering an impressive 126 LEDs at 1000 Lumens, MicroSolar’s solar security lights immediately stand out as super-bright, and therefore highly useful, outdoor motion-sensing security lights. Adjustable on a vertical and horizontal axis, these lights can be positioned at exactly the right angle for your specific needs.  Furthered by a 5000K natural light, these lights are less harsh than bluer options while providing a more-natural, effective source of illumination for whatever area in which they are installed.  In all, these lights are ideal if you are looking for an exceptionally bright, effective, and adjustable solar security light.SensorMicroSolar’s lights are equipped with an accurate motion sensor which is also adjustable on 2 axes, demonstrating a further and necessary flexibility offered by this product. With digitally adjustable time and lux, these lights can be accurately set to stay on for anywhere from 3 to 600 seconds in reaction to motion, which is an exceptional variety of settings for such an outdoor motion-sensing security light.  With its distinct flexibility, this solar security light is designed to fit into whatever your specific applications may be.  Furthermore, with a 16-32ft detection range and double capacity long-life battery, these lights are sure to serve their purpose and then some in detecting motion and working when you need them most.PanelsWith a solar panel separate from the light, these two components can be installed in locations which optimize sun absorption and the effect of these solar security lights.  The 16ft cable along with an optional 16ft extension cable ensure that the highly efficient panel can be installed wherever necessary while the light can still be installed on the North side of your house or under shade with no problem. Simply identify the best location for both, grab the ladder, and get these high powered solar flood lights working for you.Battery/ChargingMicroSolar’s solar security lights are equipped with a long-lasting, high-efficiency lithium battery which is ideal for storing and utilizing the valuable solar energy absorbed by the panel. With double the capacity of many of its competitors’ batteries, this product is sure to deliver ultra-bright light with accurate sensing, effective energy absorption, and the long-lasting, efficient utilization of this energy that you are seeking in your high powered solar flood lights.  Add this battery to an effective solar panel location and the exceptional brightness that these lights offer and you have yourself a pretty handy solar security light.Will it Last?/WarrantyThis product is designed to last and to be highly resistant to weather and water. Notably, the use of digital settings adjustments, rather than using a knob or switch, vastly increases the waterproof quality of these solar security lights and helps to ensure that the accurate, bright light MicroSolar has constructed will last as long as possible.  With a further one-year seller’s warranty, any defects or issues out of your control can be easily and quickly addressed so that your light, and the security it can provide, might be installed and function properly for years to come.Best UsesThese outdoor LED flood lights are a flexible, multi-functional product which makes them applicable to just about any imaginable environment. With the solar panel attached by either 16ft or 32ft of cable, it can be mounted on the roof or wherever is ideal for optimizing solar absorption while the light can be placed in a dark or shady corner where it can be of the most use.  With the easy installation of this product and the flexibility of location, as well as its inherent efficiency and superior brightness, these solar security lights are perfect for just about any customer looking for an effective, straightforward, and flexible outdoor security lighting solution. With a higher water- and weather-proofing standard, these lights are suited to most environments and should be able to serve a significant purpose for years.  One complaint, which is not uncommon among lights of this category, is that the light will not stay on with sustained movement; in other words, it will stay on for however long the timer says, but will then turn off and back on, even if you are dancing around right in front of the sensor.  This has seemed to annoy some users, but if that one shortcoming isn’t an issue, this may just be a pretty useful solar security light for you.3 – SunForce 80-LED​Find On AmazonBrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty​900 Lumens​180° angle30 ft range​3 x AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries​12 month limitedBrightnessThis SunForce solar security light produces an impressive 900 Lumens, outperforming many of the other options on this list and capable of comfortably illuminating a 10×10 or even 20×20 area to a reasonable level of success. Equipped with 80 LEDs, which is once again significantly higher than some of our other options, and producing a cool, bright white light with perhaps a tinge of blue, these high powered solar flood lights have proven an effective manner through which to illuminate a large, dark area. Though not wide-angle or adjustable on a horizontal axis, these lights are adjustable on a vertical axis which enables them to shine light effectively ranging from straight down to straight out into the yard.  No matter the dark area you need illuminated through motion-sensing or sustained lighting, this SunForce option is sure to give any other a run for its money.SensorThese solar security lights are equipped with a motion-sensor attached to the light itself and designed to accurately identify motion for that added level of security and peace of mind. With an ‘on’ mode for constant bright lighting or an auto mode turning the light on for 30, 60, or 120 seconds only when motion is detected, these lights offer a unique multifunctionality and flexibility that is refreshing and poses significant challenges to its competitors. These lights can further have the sensing distance itself adjusted, with high, medium, and low range options yielding a maximum reported distance of 30 feet on high at a 180-degree angle. With such an intelligent sensing system and multifunctionality in addition to this product’s brightness, this light certainly asserts itself as a serious contender in the solar security light category.PanelsWith an amorphous solar panel included but attached separately, these lights are excellent at providing efficient, effective, and consistent solar power to be stored in the batteries and used to great effect once the sun has gone down. Being separate from the lighting unit, these panels are able to be positioned at a more optimal position and allow the lighting unit to be placed wherever required, independent of obstacles or shade.  The 15ft-long cable included allows these panels to be positioned within a wide radius of positions, as well as the panel itself allowing for slight adjustments in angle to further aid in achieving optimal direct sunlight.BatteriesWith 3 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries included, these solar security lights are able to sustain illumination for about 6 hours, or last through the night on motion-detecting mode. However, as these batteries are easy to remove and replace, higher-efficiency lithium batteries, or other AA Ni-MH batteries, can be installed to optimize the functioning and charging of this product.  After an initial charge of 3 days prior to turning the device on, a normal day of 6-8 hours of charging will suffice to provide the illumination cited. The solar panel on these lights, however, ensures that these slightly inefficient batteries are able to utilize the maximum amount of solar energy, with amorphous panels able to absorb sunlight even on cloudy days; as one customer notes, ‘it has never run out of juice even during periods of several cloudy days in a row.’Will it Last?Though the manufacturer does not provide an IP rating, these solar security lights are designed to be fully weatherproof as well as resistant to moisture, damage, and dust to ensure the sustainability of your outdoor security lighting utility. This product is further covered by a one-year limited warranty against material or manufacturer defects, though this warranty explicitly does not cover batteries.  Despite this slight addendum, multiple users have noted that the manufacturer will provide replacement battery packs, which helps to ensure that, like many customers, you get multiple years’ use out of these effective solar security lights.Best UsesThese lights, with their bright and adjustable lighting, are great for a variety of applications around your home or business. Set them up along the side of your house to illuminate what is often the darkest part of your yard or set them up in the back to cover a long distance and keep an eye on the dog as she seeks the perfect place to relieve herself.  Whether you’re living off the grid in the woods and need a good, effective security light or simply want a light for illuminating the back entrance to your garage, these lights, with their multifunctionality and an array of applications, are sure to serve a long-lasting, useful purpose for your outdoor security lighting needs.​​4 – Urpower 4-Pack 8 LED Each ​Find O​​​​​n​ ​​​​​Amazon​BrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty526 Lumens120°  angle10-26 ft range2200mAh18 monthBrightnessWith 4 lights included at 8 LEDs each, these lights will provide plenty of light either on their own or together providing 32 LEDs. As such, you can distribute them evenly in a specific area, such as along a path, or broadly around the house, depending on what your actual needs are.  Though there is no official Lumens rating provided by URPOWER, these solar security lights will burn at 5000-6000K, which will be a very bright white light with a slight blue tinge, proving effective without being overly harsh. The applications of these outdoor LED flood lights are limited, however, by the low LED count, which is furthered by the angled approach of the light which makes this very indirect option practically useless as, say, a spotlight. Ideal for being used in parallel succession, these lights are further limited by 2 modes; motion-sensing and off.  Once initially charged, these lights will turn off automatically during the day to charge and will only light up if motion is detected at night; there is no option for a sustained illumination from these lights which undoubtedly is a turn off for some consumers.PanelsThese outdoor motion-sensing security lights, like many of their competitors, are equipped with solar panels attached atop the lighting unit, which means that replacement or servicing is next to impossible. Given the fixed location, the placement of these solar panels is wholly dependent upon the placement of these solar security lights, which means that you would ideally want to place these lights in an area of optimum exposure to sunlight, though customer reviews suggest that somewhat-less-sunny positioning will not necessarily prevent adequate charging or functioning, though full shade will certainly hinder its operation.Batteries/ChargingEquipped with a 3.7V, 900mAh Lithium ion battery, the effectiveness and efficiency of this product is an attractive feature of its specifications. Fully charged, these batteries will last about 12 hours, with a 6-8 hour charging time.  However, even a 4-hour charge time should be enough to ensure LED security dusk to dawn, which certainly grants you a little bit more flexibility when identifying the ideal location for these solar security lights. Not only will they charge quickly and gain a maximum illumination time therefrom, but these lights are also made to last for a couple of years at least, though in the event of failure this battery is not accessible and is therefore irreplaceable, meaning that when the battery goes, so does your outdoor solar security light.SensorAs these lights only work as outdoor motion-sensing security lights, they naturally have a reasonable detection range of 10ft with a 120-degree sensing angle. Motion will prompt 30-seconds of illumination before the lights turn back off and remain as such until motion is detected once again, making these lights, if nothing else, an efficient product.  The sensor on these solar security lights, however, cannot be adjusted for time, angle, or mode and will only detect motion within the parameters from the front face of this outdoor security lighting option. According to prior reviews, a dog is just about the smallest animal that will set these lights off, with former customers supporting the 10ft range as accurate and asserting that there is a distinct intelligence to the motion-detection of this product.Will it LastThese solar outdoor motion lights are well-constructed of durable, resilient, and water-resistant plastics which ensure the sustained integrity of the important LED and lithium components within. With a weatherproof rating of IP64, this product is both dust-proof and waterproof against splashing and typical levels of moisture it might encounter, if slightly less waterproof than some of its competitors which come in at IP65. Despite this, these lights will hold up to most physical threats and most moisture shy of a direct powerful spray from a hose nozzle, with most customer reviews asserting the ability of these lights to withstand normal wear and tear without incident.  Just in case these physical protections do not hold up, there is a 6 month warranty to help just in case.Best UsesThese lights are best used primarily as motion-sensing, solar security lights given their inability to generate sustained illumination beyond 30-second intervals and the distinct weaknesses in their low LED count. Purchasing a 4-pack, however, will ensure suitable coverage of a medium-sized patio or can be used to line the way down a path way to help improve short-term visibility.  Place one at each door and gate to ensure light where and when you need it, or stick to the traditional front and back placements and be notified instantly if these devices detect motion.  Whatever your ideal application, there is no doubting that these lights will be available through the night to provide short-lived but effective solar security lighting and peace of mind.​5 – Holan 12-LED Solar Lights​Find O​​​​​n​ ​​​​​Amazon​BrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty​160 Lumens120°  angle10-26 ft range​1200mAh18 monthBrightnessRated for up to 160 Lumens, Holan’s solar security lights do lag quite significantly behind many of their competitors, which is why it is recommended that you buy two that can complement each other for optimal illumination of a driveway, patio, or whatever other area you may need. With efficient LEDs producing a color hue in the 6000-6500K range, the light will be a bright, blue-white beam capable of covering a 5-6ft area in front of the light.  This bright, white light, which isn’t quite as harshly blue as some others, will be similar to daylight and effective for a display area or work environment where very bright illumination might be called for. Due to the limited brightness and range of these outdoor motion-sensing security lights, however, we would not recommend employing this product as a solo flood light for aesthetic purposes or for a high-functioning outdoor security lighting solution.  Without a mode for continuous, through-the-night illumination, these lights will not add much benefit beyond a role as solar security lights for 15-seconds at a time.PanelsThis solar security light has a solar panel integrated into the top of the unit for effective and efficient absorption of solar energy and charging of the battery. Due to its affixed position, the panel cannot be adjusted, replaced or repaired without the complete dismantling of the unit.  Despite these flaws, which aren’t uncommon among solar security lights, this product should last at least a few years which, given the relative inexpensiveness of this outdoor security lighting solution is well worth the inconvenience of an inaccessible solar panel. Further, the panels on this particular product have been shown by previous users to absorb sunlight even in shaded areas or through tree coverage, despite 8-hours of direct sunlight being the ideal.BatteriesThese solar outdoor motion lights offer a 1200mAh lithium ion battery for long-lasting, efficient capability. The battery in these solar security lights takes about 6-8 hours to completely charge, which will yield a lasting time of 12 working hours, which is more than enough for most people to provide effective LED security light dusk to dawn.  Even with a less-than-full charge or on a cloudy day, these lights will take in whatever energy they can and use it accordingly, with the brightness of the LEDs adjusting for low power and still able to provide the illumination you need to get to the door or watch the path, rather than the product simply not working without a full battery.SensorThe powerful ball head sensor on these solar security lights yield a sensing range of 10-26ft with a 120-degree sensing angle, which ensures the optimum ability of this device to detect relevant activity. As it is affixed to the front of the light, the angle of the sensor cannot be adjusted, nor can the 15 seconds for which the light will illuminate upon the sensing of motion.  The one major adjustment able to be made to this sensor is based upon the height at which you mount these solar security lights, with a higher height allowing the detection of motion from up to 26 feet away. The raising of the light, however, will dilute the brightness of the light and may prevent the effective function of this product in another way, making it vital that a compromise in the positioning of this light be found to balance the effectiveness, efficiency, and sensing ability of these outdoor motion-sensing security lights.Will it Last?These solar security lights are encased in IP64-rated ABS plastic, which means that this is a rugged, resilient product capable of standing up to most day-to-day threats. The IP64 rating means that this encasement will prevent the entry of any physical foreign particles or objects, as well as proving to be waterproof to a reasonable degree to withstand rain storms and other normal outside occurrences.  Between the efficient LED lights, lithium batteries, or durable ABS plastic casing, this is a product that should last for years and handle a good amount of natural events. This seller offers a further 30-day money back guarantee, 18-month replacement warranty, and lifetime support guarantee, which all equate to one of the more reliable warranty systems among outdoor LED flood lights.  With customers reporting nothing less than satisfaction with the customer service of this company, these guarantees mean that much more, with replacement units shipped quickly and easily.Best UsesThese solar security lights are not an all-purpose outdoor security lighting option, but what they do, they do well. Ideally placed at a medium height as the Lumens are not strong enough to ensure adequate lighting from too high up, these lights work great for a small area such as an entry way or porch individually or can be coupled to effective lighting of a back patio or to light up specific sections of the yard, such as a gate.  Further, these can be used in parallel to light a pathway or to illuminate either end of a fence.  Whatever your purposes, these lights are sure to work as a solid entry-level solar security light, offering 12 LEDs to ensure reasonable, if not particularly extravagant, brightness for a reasonable variety of applications.6 – U​rpower 20 LED Outdoor​Find O​​​​​n​ ​​​​​Amazon​BrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty​100 Lumens120°  angle10​ft range​1000mAh​NoneBrightnessThough the manufacturer does not provide information regarding these solar security lights’ brightness levels, customer reviews cite a 100 Lumens illumination, which is not all that significant but will serve a decent purpose for a smaller area. With 20 LEDs shining in a blue-white colour, these lights will provide effective, targeted lighting to a specific or small location such as a front porch or to provide an aesthetic quality.  With these lights set up so that the LEDs face downward, these lights are limited in the impact they can have as LED flood lights and will serve a purpose primarily in a smaller area or for aesthetic appeal.PanelsThe solar panels, much like many competitive products, are attached directly to the top of this lighting unit.  Though efficient and simplifying installation, the inability to adjust this panel means that in order to move the panel to maximize exposure to sunlight, the light itself must be relocated. As such, it is imperative that, upon installing these solar security lights, you ensure the location is ideal for the charging of this product during the day and the optimum utilization of these lights when night comes along.BatteriesEquipped with a 1000mAh, 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable battery, these solar outdoor motion lights will provide up to 10 hours of illumination on a single full charge, which is an impressive testament to the efficiency of balancing an effective battery with less-bright lighting. It is imperative, to ensure the proper function and lifespan of your battery, to charge this product for two or three days prior to use, following which the automatic charging during the day will suffice to provide effective lighting to a small area whenever it is needed.  Positioned around 7ft away from each other, you can install multiple of these lights so as to ensure sustained lighting over a larger area or distance, with the main obstacle being the ability of the solar panels to easily access sunlight.SensorThese solar security lights include a motion sensor installed on the front of the device with a sensing range of up to 10ft at a 120-degree non-adjustable angle. These lights, being affixed and mounted in one single unit, will not allow for sensing in any other direction or angle than at the specifications based upon the front of the light.  Once triggered by motion, these outdoor motion-sensing security lights will remain illuminated for 20 seconds, with the 7ft distance in between each light proving enough to avoid affecting each other’s functioning.Will it Last? Constructed of an IP64-rated aluminum body, the encasement of these solar security lights’ components is assured to protect against dust and other physical threats as well as waterproof and weather-resistant. As such, these outdoor motion-sensing security lights are constructed to be durable, resilient, and long-lasting.  With further efficient components in the form of a lithium-ion battery and LED bulbs, these lights are designed be strong and last for years.  Thought there is no apparent written warranty, customer reports have asserted the ease with which a necessary replacement might be offered by the manufacturer for damage or defects.Best UsesThese solar security lights are better suited to a small or specific area, rather than for tasks or general lighting purposes.  Install these lights as an aesthetic accent near the pool or garden or along a walkway and just sit back and enjoy the benefit of an attractive lighting fixture which also serves a functional purpose if placed in a suitable location. These lights are not recommended for use in task-specific roles or for lighting fences or yards, which require a greater brightness and better angle of lighting than this product is able to deliver.  Though the stainless steel construction is both attractive and durable and therefore has an advantage over some plastic options, the brightness and inability to adjust the lighting or charging angle significantly hinder these solar outdoor motion lights from serving wide variety of purposes.7 – Robust Solar 80 LED Outdoor Solar Motion Light​Find On AmazonBrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty​700 Lumens180°  angle​Unspecified​1 YearBrightnessThis Robust solar security light offers 80 LEDs producing 700 Lumens at 5000K, which ensures that these will be an ultra-bright, effective natural white light without the harsh blue hue that can sometimes accompany the more-powerful LED products. As such, this light produces among the most impressive brightness levels on this list and is able, for instance, to fully and comfortably illuminate a 40ftx60ft fenced-in back yard, with clarity at least up to 30ft.  With an aluminum body adjustable on 2 axes and an independently adjustable motion detector, these lights can face in the opposite direction of the motion detector, allowing for full-customization outdoor security lighting for whatever your specific applications may be.PanelsThese solar security lights have the light and sensor attached, though independently adjustable, but allow the solar panel itself to be mounted separately to ensure optimal sunshine absorption and light distribution. This high-efficiency panel comes equipped with a 16.4ft-long cable as well as an optional extension cable of the same length, allowing for a high degree of flexibility in seeking out the most sunshine available and the best location for the lighting appliance itself.  This is perfect, for instance, for finally having a source of light underneath that big old oak tree while still having a source of solar energy that is unobstructed.BatteriesA bright, multi-functional outdoor security lighting system, no matter how efficient or optimized its solar panel is, requires batteries which are capable of absorbing this energy and efficiently putting it to work for you for years. Following suit, these solar security lights are equipped with an included lithium battery, which is ideal for resilience, long-lastingness, and efficiency.  Having the right kind of battery allows this unit to take advantage of its various components and strengths without being held back by power or efficiency problems.SensorThis product is fully equipped with an adjustable, long-range motion sensor which ensures the security and functionality that you most desperately need from a solar security light. With a motion sensing range which encompasses just about 180-degrees, these lights will certainly be effective in identifying the slightest movement within their view.  With an adjustable lux setting, these lights are able to move from a higher lux setting in which the light will turn on even if it is not very dark to the lowest lux setting in which the light will only come on if it is very dark. This flexibility, which is not common among these products, allows you to dictate when and in what situations this light will respond to motion, as well as for how long it will illuminate its ultra-bright LEDs.  Previous users will attest to the sensitivity of this sensor, with one noting that a light placed atop his garage roof was able to detect his 8-pound terrier.Will it Last?Unlike many products in the category of solar security lights, this product incorporates digitally adjustable settings with buttons, rather than the common knobs. This is a distinct advantage in terms of weather- and water-proofing through the prevention of moisture where knobs enable at least a degree of moisture to affect the internal components.  With a lightweight but durable aluminum body, though no official IP rating, these solar security lights are sure to take just about anything life throws at them and will brighten your yard or driveway to great effect for years. With a 1-year worry-free warranty to replace your defective Robust solar security light free of charge, the insurance is there to minimize whatever risk might be felt in deciding whether this ultra-bright, efficient, and well-designed light is right for you.Overall/Best UsesGiven its optimum sensor and lighting capabilities, this light is ideal as a security device for detecting motion late at night and providing a substantial amount of illumination in response.  Beyond security applications, the flexibility of these lights means that you can set them up to stay on for a longer amount of time than most others in this category, allowing you to keep an eye on the dog when you let her out at night or helping light the way as you stumble around the side of your house. The detection and long illumination time is perfect for being set up in the driveway and brightly shining as soon as you pull up and ensuring your safe passage to the garage or along the pathway to the door.  One user mounted these lights 11ft high above barn doors to illuminate a 50ft area with reasonable visibility. Whatever your ideal application, these lights are sure to light the way and not leave you jumping up and down waving your arms trying to get your solar security lights to notice you.​Solar Flood Lights​There are three main components in these products; the light, the power source, and (in many) the motion sensor.  Each of these can vary in quality and applicability to your ​needs, thus why we have constructed this guide to what we have deemed to be the top options on the market right now.  What follows is a brief review of each product detailing the brightness, efficiency, and effectiveness of these high-powered solar flood lights in hopes of making your task of choosing a ‘best’ solar flood that much easier.​1 – RuggedGrade 1000 Lumen Solar Flood Light​Find On AmazonBrightness​ColorBatteryWarranty​1000 Lumens​5000K – Cool White8,000maH​1 Year​​BrightnessAbove all else, a solar outdoor motion light has to be bright and effective in its primary function of providing a safe and secure source of outdoor lighting.  If it doesn’t provide at least adequate illumination, it really won’t matter how long it lasts or how sturdy it is. Having said that, the 1,000 Lumens on this super-bright solar motion flood light will provide the power and effective lighting that you must have.  Beyond simply being bright when you need it, RuggedGrade’s product will dim to 10% power until motion is detected to illuminate these bright white LEDs. The ultra-bright, 5,000K light provided by these lights will illuminate just about any outdoor area while saving power when not in use and providing a more natural, elegant white, rather than bluish, light.SensorIf you’re going to install a solar security light onto your home or business, some would say it is absolutely vital that it be able to accurately detect and intelligently respond to motion.  In that vein, the RuggedGrade 1,000 Lumen outdoor security light offers a slightly underwhelming sensing distance of up to 5 meters with a built-in PIR motion detector that triggers full 1,000 lumens illumination for 30 seconds. With three modes; Bright, Dim, and Recharge, these lights intelligently adapt to motion as well as turning off and recharging during the day.  It is this automated effort to save power that ultimately proves a slightly weak point with this product for some consumers, however; as it only goes full-power for 30 seconds in response to motion, there is no option for sustained illumination from dusk til dawn, which obviously hinders the effectiveness of using these as a consistently illuminated floodlight. At this moment in technology for solar panels and lithium batteries, you really must decide on high brightness some of the time, or low brightness all of the time. These lights offer the best in brightness for when you actually need it, and that’s when you, your pet, and or unwanted guests are within the vicinity of the light.PanelRuggedGrade outdoor motion-sensing security light offers an effective and efficient panel mountable anywhere within an 11.5ft radius, which allows the panel to be mounted at the optimal angle for the greatest absorption of light. The 11.5ft long cable is slightly below average, however, with 16ft typical among the competition. Being a 5-watt solar panel, this product is designed to charge your light fast and ensure it works long into the night, making RuggedGrade’s high-powered solar flood lights a highly efficient option.Battery/ChargeWith a premium 8,000maH battery, this light has the power to stay on longer and run for years, outpacing many competitors and ensuring that your money is well-spent in the long-run. If there is for some reason an issue, the battery is easily changed without replacing the unit, which ensures sustained and consistent performance from these impressive outdoor LED flood lights. Coupled with the ultra-bright 1,000 lumens LEDs and the effective, repositionable solar panel, this premium capacity battery is exactly the right touch to further the pattern of efficiency and effectiveness.Will it Last/Durability/WarrantyThis CE and ROHS certified product is constructed to be waterproof and withstand whatever weather or other possible obstacles are thrown at it. With a high-quality aluminum alloy and hard plastic construction, toughened glass, and an IP outdoor rating of IP65, this product is undoubtedly built to last and survive whatever you, or those pesky kids, might throw at it. In case something does go wrong, there is a 1-year warranty to protect your investment and ensure that you receive the high-quality product RuggedGrade have built.Best UsesLike most solar outdoor motion lights, there’s an array of uses around the outside of your house for security, safety, and convenience.  Use these motion-sensor flood lights to illuminate your driveway or pathway or set it up in the backyard and have no problem keeping an eye on the dog as she takes her evening constitutional. Aside from light-hearted hypotheticals, these lights are an ideal outdoor security light, activated by motion and immediately alerting you to any unannounced presence. Use outside your entry doors on your house or around the business to make sure that no one sneaks through the darkness and takes advantage of potential security lapses.​2 – MicroSolar 400 Lumen Solar Flood Light​Find On AmazonBrightness​ColorBatteryWarranty​400 Lumens​Natural White​3.7V 4000mAh​1 YearBrightnessThe 400 Lumen LEDs on this product, though not quite at the brightness of some of its competitors, offers a more-pleasant, understated approach to outdoor lighting.  With a natural white output, this light is well suited for a more-homey, elegant lighting arrangement. Adjustable on two axes, these solar security lights can be set at precisely the right angle for your needs or aesthetic desires.  The natural white light of MicroSolar’s solar flood lights is such that it is perfect for a balance of aesthetic and practical needs, with these lights proving perfect to light a yard, flower bed, or softly illuminate the entry way through the night.SensorOne of the major appeals to the softer light that these MicroSolar outdoor LED flood lights offers, is the ability to run continuously through the night, rather than dimming and having to be activated by motion.  The light charges during the day and will work for 8-12 hours on a single charge, which is a fairly impressive statistic in itself. In all, the brightness of this light added to the non-motion sensor approach is perfect if you are looking for a sustained, elegant solar security light that can provide the safety and security of its competitors while offering just a little bit more in aesthetic quality.PanelsWith a rugged and resilient IP65-rated aluminum 5W solar panel, these lights stand up to their competition quite well after initial analysis.  What’s more, the 16.4ft long cable as well as an optional extension cable of the same length offer a degree of freedom and flexibility with respect to where you position the panel and light that is simply lacking in some of our other options. There have been, however, a number of complaints surrounding MicroSolar’s panels, with a few users frustrated with the difficulty and complexity of assembly, particularly with regard to screwing the brackets onto the panel and the installation of ‘small’, precise parts.Battery/ChargingPotential assembly problems aside, these lights are very useful not only for flexible panel positioning, but also with regard to the efficiency and long 2-year life of this 3.7V 4000mAh Lithium battery. Though obviously not the standard of battery within some of its competition, the efficiency of this product, aided largely by the slightly dimmer approach, allows this average-sized battery to be a positive aspect of this product.  Furthermore, with an 8-12 hour illumination time, these lights are sure to last through the night and illuminate whatever porch, dark area, or driveway you need.Will it Last/WarrantyConstructed out of IP65-rated aluminum, the light and panel on this product are durable and designed to last for years.  Further, if there are any mishaps or unforeseen errors, manufacturer or otherwise, these lights come with a 1-year warranty to ensure you get the most bang for your buck and protection from tiny mishaps out of your control.Best UsesWith an adjustable bracket, these lights and the panels can be wall mounted and positioned at the perfect angle for your needs and aesthetic desires.  These lights also come with stakes for both the light and solar panel.  Hang them on the wall overlooking your porch or stake them into the ground illuminating a pathway or as decoration in a garden and you will be amazed at the flexible, multi-functionality of these lights. With a softer, more natural light than some of its competitors, a large aspect of the appeal of these lights resides in the aesthetic quality and consistent illumination provided by such a product.  Those looking for motion-activated, ultra-bright solar security lights, however, may be best suited to look elsewhere.​3 – Guardian 580X Solar ​Flood Light​​Find On AmazonBrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty​730 Lumens​39ft2500mAh1 YearBrightnessProducing 730 Lumens, the LEDs on the Guardian 580X put it right there among the best and brightest high powered solar flood lights. With 84 LEDs producing 6W and putting out a 6,000K bright white light, there’s no doubting the effectiveness and power of this product.  The Guardian motion sensor technology ensures that these lights are efficient and will save power while thoroughly illuminating your yard or entry way whenever you need them to.SensorThis light has a Guardian PIR motion sensor which will progress from a normal operation brightness of 730 lumens to a dim mode of 55 lumens.  In dim mode, the lights will last around 7-12 hours, dusk til dawn, ensuring round-the-clock functionality. With three lighting modes, furthermore, these lights offer a good range of potential uses.  Able to progress from a non-motion sensor mode as a normal floodlight to one based upon the PIR motion sensor, or off during the day when charging.  The sensor itself is able to detect within an impressive 39ft radius and is connected to the solar panel by a *bonus* 10ft long waterproof cable. The solar panel is likewise wired to the light through a 16.4ft waterproof cable, which stands up well to its competition and ensure that these effective and efficient lights remain a very plausible option.PanelsThe compact and durable design of these panels provides an understated yet effective source of solar power. Fully customized and powered by a high-efficiency Super Cell industrial grade 2W power cell, these efficient, effective, and compact panels make the Guardian 580X Solar Security Floodlights a truly effective source of residential or commercial solar outdoor lighting.  With a further high-strength aluminum construction and the quality of white (rather than blue) light which furthers the aesthetic quality and flexibility of these motion sensor floodlights.Battery/ChargingThough the 2500mAh capacity of this light’s Lithium battery is noticeably less than some of its competitors, it still offers a lasting time of 7-12 hours and a 1,000 cycle lifetime, which is testament to the efficiency of this particular product and the successful and intelligent integration of compact, efficient components. Further aided by a strong thermal stability, high durability, and a high current rating, the efficiency of these lights promises to add to the initial promise of its resilience and effectiveness and make this a highly useful option in the category of solar security lights.Will it Last/WarrantyWith a compartment constructed of IP65-rated aluminum, die-cast, and waterproof, these high-powered solar flood lights are made to last and ensure you get every one of the 1,000 cycles this product promises. The light itself is designed with a cast iron housing and other fittings made with stainless steel to ensure strength and corrosion-prevention.  With a one-year limited warranty, the protection in purchasing this product is nothing to write home about, but does not, at the same time, undermine the many positives with this product and protects you to a similar degree as the rest of the products on this list.Best UsesThis light, with its multi-mode functionality and motion-sensing technology, is perfect for the illumination of driveways, yards, pathways, or entry-ways. It can act as the perfect spotlight to keep an eye on your motorcycle parked out front or a particularly dark alley.  Install these lights on your front porch and be immediately notified when someone approaches, or face them into the yard to illuminate the dark spot in the yard where snakes have a tendency to congregate.  The motion detecting and effective illumination range on these lights make them a highly flexible, multi-purpose, and effective option within the category of outdoor LED flood lights.​4 – MicroSolar ​500 Lumen ​Solar Flood Light ​Find On AmazonBrightnessSensorBatteryWarranty500 Lumens​4000mAh​1 YearBrightnessAt 500 lumens, the LEDs on MicroSolar’s heavy duty solar security light are among the brightest sustained flood lights on the market, outdoing its little brother earlier on this list in many respects, though that comes with the addendum of no motion sensor in exchange for sustained, dusk til dawn illumination. The bright, natural white light offered by the 5,000K output that these LEDs provide adds a certain aesthetic quality over bluish lighting options while still thoroughly and effectively illuminating a wide variety of locations on your home or office.  Just set them up and watch as the efficiency of these 500 lumens ensures they shine throughout the night and optimize the security and safety that outdoor LED flood lights can offer.SensorThe MicroSolar Heavy Duty Light Fixture does not offer motion-detection, preferring the role of providing LED security light dusk to dawn rather than illuminating in short bursts. There are undoubted benefits to this form of outdoor LED flood lights, with particularly commercial security and sustained illumination of your yard or front porch late at night coming to mind as promising applications.  There are possible weaknesses, however, in the slightly-less-efficient approach and in the inability of these lights to alter their state in response to security threats or visitors.Batteries/ChargeThese lights automatically shut down at dawn to charge during the day and come on at dusk for a working time of 8-12 hours on a single charge, which makes this residential and commercial solar outdoor lighting option very attractive. Furthermore, with a 14.8V, 4,000mAh Lithium battery capable of lasting over 2 years, competitive does not quite describe the efficiency and effectiveness of this light’s power source and storage.  With some users reporting a charge time as short as 3 to 4 hours lasting most of the night, even the 8-hour average charge time is impressive for its ability to make these powerful lights last through the night. Furthermore, with a replaceable battery available for purchase, these lights don’t have to be limited by the 2+ year lifetime of these batteries, making this one of our most appealing and resilient options on this list.PanelsConstructed of IP65-rated aluminum, this solar panel is immediately competitive in terms of durability and overall construction, not to mention the immense improvement offered by the 10W performance, which outdoes the other options on this list.  With a further angle-adjustable metal bracket and 16.4ft of cable, this product is, at worst, above average for its flexibility, durability, and efficiency.  With further extension wires available, the capabilities for your positioning of solar panel and solar security light are almost literally limitless.Will it Last/Durability/WarrantyMade of heavy-duty aluminum and equipped with an enhanced waterproof encasement, these outdoor LED flood lights will give any of the other options a run for their money in terms of durability. With a 1-year warranty as well, any decision surrounding the purchase of these high powered solar flood lights will not be based on another product being more durable or offering more protection for your investment.Overall/Best UsesWith an included ground and wall mount, as well as a stake for the light, these commercial-grade solar flood lights have an array of applications, which is testament to the effective design and durability of their construction. One illustrative example of one user’s application for these lights was for the illumination of a horse-riding arena, with lights at each corner proving bright and effective enough in this impressive context.  These lights could obviously be used in far simpler applications in the yard illuminating an entry way, pathway, or flower bed or providing sustained illumination of a business’ entry after-hours.Solar Flag Pole LightsIdentifying a solar security light that is both effective and efficient is, it seems, a never-ending process. With modern advancements in LED and solar panel technology, however, there are some very appealing products worth considering for their specific strengths and the consequent benefits these outdoor motion-sensing security lights can offer.  In weighing these choices, it is important to keep in mind what your priorities are with respect to brightness, motion-sensing, solar panel and battery, and the overall durability and resilience of the product. As such, what follows is a series of brief reviews which detail the distinct benefits and/or weaknesses in these categories among four key market leaders in this category in hopes of making clear the best outdoor motion-sensing security light for your specific needs.1 – RuggedGrade Solar Street Light (Designed in America)Find On AmazonBrightnessIP RatingBatteryWarranty800 Lumens654500mAh1 YearBrightnessThe RuggedGrade Solar Street Light, offering 800 lumens, is right off the bat an impressive product with powerful LEDs worthy of significant consideration. Add to this the 4,500K natural white lighting for the effective, clear lighting of any area without the harshness of some bluer options and you truly have an effective solar security light. Running at 7.5V, these lights are twice as powerful as normal solar products, allowing for consistently bright light up to 700 lumens and a dim mode of over 400 lumens, which are both considerable brightness levels and demonstrate the difficult task for any competitor to topple this impressive solar outdoor motion light.SensorThese solar street lights come equipped with a built-in PIR motion and light sensor that allow them to charge during the day and produce 50-60% brightness when in dim mode and not detecting motion. With three intelligent modes for sustained and efficient illumination; bright, dim, and recharge, the functionality and effectiveness of these solar street lights is clear. Thus, these lights will effectively go from off and charging to a 400 lumen dim mode and a 700 lumen bright mode for a high degree of flexibility, functionality, and applications.PanelsThese outdoor LED flood lights come equipped with a 9V polycrystalline solar panel producing 7W to ensure the most effective, efficient absorption and use of valuable solar power. With included mounting hardware to install the panels, simply identify the best location for maximum solar absorption and install for optimal utilization of this natural resource. Though the maximum distance with the supplied hardware is roughly 3.4 inches, the light and panel of these high powered solar flood lights are repositionable and may be strategically placed to optimally balance the light and its source of power.Battery/ChargingThe RuggedGrade Solar Street Light comes equipped with a premium 4500 mAh, 6.4V battery which has the power to stay on longer and run for years and years.  The solar panel is a premium 9V and 7W polycrystalline panel, ensuring a full charge within about 8 hours and ensuring this vital security product will last through the night. A customer service representative has stated that, theoretically, an alternative 7.2V lithium ion battery capable of fitting inside the housing would work, but the distributor themselves do not offer a specified replacement. In all, however, the included battery has a substantial life in its own right and the 8-hour charge time is highly efficient to ensure these solar security lights are ready to come on whenever you need them.Will it Last/WarrantyThis CE and ROHS certified product offers a high-quality construction of durable plastic and IP65-rated aluminum, making it highly waterproof and sure to prove durable and long-lasting in the face of typical weather and wear. These solar security lights are further backed by a 1-year warranty for peace of mind and protection of your investment in this important utility.  As such, with resilient, durable materials and the added safety net of a warranty, these commercial grade solar flood lights can be expected to last for years.Best UsesThese solar security lights are perfect for any environment where you might need to light up a dark area.  Whether that is your garden, your driveway, or your front porch, these lights will be sure to provide effective lighting and reactivity to visitors or intruders. Place the light in the particularly dark section of the street or on the side of your house to illuminate a dark alley way and watch as the light shines through the night and puts its high-powered LEDs to work for you.2 – Hallomall 36 LED Solar Flag Pole LightFind On AmazonBrightnessIP RatingBatteryWarranty450 LumensIP652600mAhUnspecifiedBrightnessWith 36 LEDs generating up to 450 lumens, these ultra-bright solar security lights will shine through and illuminate whatever dark spot you have in mind, though admittedly not to the level evident in some its competitors. Visible from around 30 feet and with a life span over 50,000 hours, these lights are an option which is significantly worth considering for their long-lasting, efficient, and effective function. Don’t let the comparatively low lumen count fool you, these Hallomall solar wall lights are on this list precisely because they, like many of the best in this category, offer a balance between brightness, efficiency, and intelligent sensing.SensorWith an equipped motion sensor able to detect from up to 16-20 feet, these outdoor LED flood lights further their cause with a highly effective and responsive motion sensor system. Offering four distinct modes for a balance of effective illumination and efficiency, these solar wall lights have a noteworthy multi functionality. The four modes are: full brightness; dim lighting; dim lighting and motion sensing, which progresses from dim to bright with motion; and a motion sensor mode which only illuminates at full brightness and turns off without motion.  In all, the multi functionality and efficiency of this product make it a very attractive outdoor security lighting option.PanelsThe 2.5W high-efficiency solar panel on Hallomall’s solar wall lights mean that this product’s solar panel system is right on par with much of its competition. Offering a 17% conservation rate over a 15-year life-span, the efficiency and effectiveness of these solar security lights’ power system is very clear and serves as a significant positive for their application to your outdoor security lighting needs. Furthermore, these panels are able to be flush mounted to the lights or can be attached to the wall with an included kit, allowing for flexible positioning depending on your specific needs. This is a particularly useful option for optimizing the angle at which the panel receives its solar energy and can thereby go a long way toward ensuring the proper, ideal function of your Hallomall solar wall lights.Battery/ChargingA charging time of just 6 hours and a lasting time of over 12 hours make these lights extremely impressive for their efficiency and long-lasting illumination. With a built-in, 2-piece high quality 3.7V, 2600mAh rechargeable battery, the power source in these solar security lights, on level with its other components, is very impressive and shows a clear effort in this regard.  Offering an efficient, powerful battery in addition to a repositionable solar panel and intelligent sensing demonstrates a clear advantage for these outdoor LED flood lights in terms seeking sustainability and functionality.Will it Last/WarrantyWith ABS plastic, polycrystalline and UV-protected construction, this ultra-slim, durable product will stand up to all sorts of abuse, weather, and wear. Whether you’re in the desert or incessantly pounded by rain storms, these solar outdoor motion lights, backed by a IP65 waterproof rating and heatproof encasement, are sure to stand up to whatever daily situation they face.  The heavy-duty construction makes this a worry-free product which you can simply install and expect to perform from day one through all sorts of life’s crazy twists.Best UsesThese solar wall lights, as the name suggests, can be mounted to just about any wall and therefore have a depth of conceivable applications. With its multi-functionality, this product can be used optimally on a front or back porch, overlooking an entry way, the driveway, or simply a particularly dark corner of the yard.  No matter where you decide to mount them, these high powered solar flood lights are sure to shine through to optimum effect to illuminate the way for you, your visitors, and your peace of mind.3 -InnoGear Solar Gutter LightsFind On AmazonBrightnessIP RatingBatteryWarranty450 LumensUnspecified2600mAhUnspecifiedBrightnessEquipped with 36 super-bright LEDs producing over 450 lumens, these outdoor LED flood lights are sure to produce a more-than-adequate amount of lighting for your security or convenience. Perfect for overlooking the garage, pathway, or porch, the 6500K output of these solar security lights is effective and clear, if perhaps slightly harsh to some.  Though the 450 lumens lags behind much of its competition, the efficiency of this product as well as its impressive PIR sensor help to compensate for an otherwise potential weakness.SensorThe outdoor security lighting provided by this product, similar to some of its competitors, has four functioning modes, ranging from ¼ brightness, ½ brightness, dim light with motion sensor-prompted full brightness, or off with motion sensor-prompted full brightness. The impressive PIR sensor on these solar security lights is capable of detecting motion from up to 26 feet away, which certainly compares well to competitive products and demonstrates the highly effective application of this product for security and safety purposes.  Furthered by an intelligently responsive system with multi-functionalities, these solar gutter lights are certainly a competitive product in many respects.PanelsWith an impressively large solar panel with a 2600mAh capacity, it takes less sunshine to get a faster, more effective charge with this solar outdoor motion light as compared to its competition. Operating at 5.5V and 2.5W, the solar panel on this product is an undoubted advantage and sets this product aside as above-average in this category.  This efficient power source, which is furthered by an impressively understated battery, helps to demonstrate the benefits that can come when you prioritize other components rather than simply brightness.Battery/ChargingEquipped with a 3.7V 2600mAh battery, these solar security lights will last continuously for over 10 hours, making the most of the maximum amount of solar power these panels are able to absorb and store. Taking less time and light to charge and producing an impressive lasting time at sustained illumination, the InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights are a very attractive product for efficient and effective use of every last bit of energy. Simply set it up and watch as the system collects and stores energy and your high powered solar flood lights are, as a result, always ready to serve your purposes.Will it Last/WarrantyThe durable, waterproof, and heatproof encasing on these solar security lights make this InnoGear option an impressively durable one capable of withstanding any given rainy or sweltering day, let alone whatever else life may throw at it. Added to the external durability, these lights come equipped with a two-layer, tightly-sealed inner loop which further insulates and protects the internal components of this product and ensures that you get the very most you can out of its efficient, effective lighting system.Best UsesPast users have found a wide variety of suitable uses for these lights, with the durability and efficiency that these outdoor LED flood lights offer proving an extremely useful set of characteristics. Install them on the front of your outdoor shed for night-time visibility and ease of access.  Similarly one user actually placed two about 8 feet high above their garage for ideal lighting of their driveway, garage, and walkway. With easy placement and effective lighting, these lights can be placed exactly where you need them and with an incredibly efficient power system aided by a very effective sensor, they will be sure to work when you most need them.4 – Alpha 1080X Street LightFind On AmazonBrightnessIP RatingBatteryWarranty1300 Lumens55Unspecified1 YearBrightnessThe Alpha 1080X street light offers an astounding 1300 lumens, contributing a bright, clear 5500K illumination to whatever area in which they are installed. With a 4-axis rotation adjustment, these solar security lights are repositionable for solar exposure and for optimum positioning of the light to ensure ideal coverage. Proving far brighter than many of our other options, these high powered solar flood lights are clearly off to an early advantage as a powerful, adjustable outdoor security lighting option.SensorThe PIR motion sensor on these solar outdoor motion lights is designed with three modes. The first allows for full brightness dusk to dawn lighting, featuring an exceptional flood light effect wherever installed and an inactive motion sensor. The second mode allows for a progression from the dim mode of 165 lumens to full brightness of 1300 when prompted by motion while the third is motion activated and is completely off when no motion is detected. These three modes, together, demonstrate an impressive flexibility and efficiency that rivals any of this product’s competitors.PanelsThese outdoor motion-sensing security lights are ideally designed to be mounted upon a pole (not included) of about 3 inches in diameter and roughly 10ft high, which helps to enable both solar absorption and a broad area for the light to shine over. By placing these lights about 20ft apart, optimum illumination can be gained along an extended path or driveway. With a solar panel mounted atop, these lights are ideally placed in a location of full sun exposure so as to ensure a full charge for dusk to dawn illumination capabilities.Battery/ChargingThese solar security lights are fitted with a lithium battery for enhanced security, a strong thermal stability, a durable tolerance of abuse, a competitively high current rating, and a 1500-cycle life, which makes this an impressive, if not particularly long-lasting, product. As long as the 1080X is charged for about 8 hours in optimum sunlight before use, these lights will stay charged for up to 2-3 days, even in cloudy conditions. Following an initial charge of 3 days upon first purchasing, therefore, this product will charge quickly, hold a significant amount of power, and last exceptionally long on a single charge.Will it Last/WarrantyWith an IP55-rated encasement, these motion sensor flood lights are marginally less resilient than their competition when faced with water, heat, or physical threats. Despite this slightly lagging durability level, there is a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty which protects against normal occurrences of damage which should have been defended against and helps to provide that little bit of added peace of mind when weighing two close options.Best UsesBeing best suited to use atop a pole, at an ideal height of about 10ft, these solar security lights are definitively suited to illuminating a large area such as a driveway or for providing a substantial illumination of multiple elements such as a pathway, doorway, etc. There have been a few complaints from previous users, however, surrounding the weight of these high powered solar flood lights and the difficulty of ensuring security of their position on a pole at certain angles. This can obviously be a significant issue with the light dropping down on its own fruition and thereby threatening the integrity of the product as a whole, but this seems to be a relatively isolated case of the pole, hardware, and product not working effectively together. As long as this slight hurdle can be overcome, this efficient, effective product can serve a definitive and valuable purpose.

Installation Tips
The PIR sensors used in most solar security lights are based on changes in the light detected, which has prompted a number of customers to use tape to cover part of the sensor which might detect light changes from a neighbor’s house or some other irrelevant source.  Before blocking off an entire area completely, it could be worth trying to use a thin film or clear tape to help dull the sensitivity and see how that addresses this potential issue.Always ensure that your solar security lights’ batteries are fully charged before use, which usually means allowing the device to collect solar energy for 2-3 days without turning it on; be sure consult your product’s specifications for manufacturer recommendations.Installing these lights in the evening is often a good idea so as to make sure that the light is shining exactly where you want it or where it will serve the greatest purpose while simultaneously ensuring that the light is not shining through your neighbor’s windows or at an angle that will prove ineffective when needed.Once the battery is full charged, it is vital to have all adjustments made and timers and settings where you want them before installing the light onto your home.  Upon having all settings and adjustments where you want them, leave the lights outside unattached to the wall for a night so that you can see how sensitive the sensor is, how long the batteries will last, and how effective certain settings are for your specific requirements.  This way you can be sure that, once the light has been mounted, you won’t have to take it back down to make any adjustments.For the most effective use of your solar security lights, position them so that they can illuminate the pathways leading to your front door, back door, and driveway.  Being located in such key areas, these lights will be assured to turn on when you come home at night and light up the key areas for traversing any otherwise invisible obstacles.  These lights can also be very helpful to light up decks, patios, and any other areas with high traffic or potentially hazardous locations such as stairways and swimming pools.If your priority in installing outdoor LED flood lights is the security that these products can provide, then it is recommended to place these solar security lights at any approach to your home, including fence gates, doors, particularly dark or obscured areas of your property, and trees, bushes, and other obstructions.  Even ideal lighting cannot guarantee security, of course, but installing effective, intelligently-placed solar security lights can be a low-cost way of driving unwanted intruders away as well as providing you and your family with a renewed peace of mind.In positioning your solar security lights, they will ideally be installed between 6ft and 10ft above the ground in a position which enables them to detect motion across the sensitivity zone rather than coming directly toward the sensor, though this is obviously only feasible to a point when using existing lighting locations.​Solar Panel Mounting LocationsWhen mounting your solar panels and seeking the optimum absorption of the sun’s energy, it is a commonly recognized fact that your panels should face as close to South as possible. But what is South, exactly?  When looking at a compass, it points to what is referred to as magnetic South, as opposed to true South. What’s the difference, you may ask?  Magnetic South, where your compass points, is pointing toward the South pole of Earth’s geomagnetic field.  It’s the right general direction – but not exact.  The Earth’s fluid outer core is made of iron and nickel, which have a magnetic pull that draws your compass’ needle slightly away from true South.  The “pull,” or magnetic declination, this produces will vary in direction and strength depending on your location, but should be accounted for nonetheless to optimism your solar absorption. Your solar panels should face true South, otherwise referred to as solar South or geographic South; an easy way to tell where true South is by looking at where your shadow points at exactly Noon. In the northern hemisphere, your Noon shadow points directly toward true South; the reverse is true for the southern hemisphere.  Though the difference between magnetic South and true South is in most locations minimal and therefore may not have that drastic an impact, it is absolutely imperative that your panels point as close to South as possible. A solar panel facing North, which I have indeed seen before, will do you no good and certainly won’t provide the efficient, effective absorption you need to power your solar security lights.Again, Identifying your needs is very importantEveryone’s lawn and landscaping is unique, so you should be sure to consider your specific yard and the areas that you would like to highlight when determining the positioning of your solar security lights. Imagine, for instance, you often host guests and there is a set area in which you would like to congregate or a specific pathway or obstacle you would like illuminated.  The proper positioning of your solar security lights can avoid painful trips and falls and can help improve the general atmosphere in your yard or party area. Outdoor lighting can often be used to deter potential intruders who might otherwise seek to use the cover of darkness for nefarious purposes.  These solar security lights can serve further purposes in helping to increase your home’s value or improving the aesthetic appeal by highlighting specific landscaping features. Whatever your reason or purpose for acquiring solar security lights and joining the solar revolution, outdoor lighting demonstrably draws more attention to your yard, improves general security and peace of mind, and encourages a comfortable, welcoming environment for you, your family, and your guests. Keep this guide in mind in choosing the right solar security lights for you and be amazed at the practical and aesthetic benefits these products can provide you and your home.

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