Top 12 Best Solar Backpacks & Reviews – 2019


January 12, 2019 By Ross Spark Top 12 Best Solar Backpacks & Reviews – 2019

Best Overall

Eceen Solar BackpackCharge 5-Volt USB deviceLight Weight7 Watt Solar PanelcheckWeatherproof PVC Fabric

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Best Features

Voltaic Solar Backpack4000mAh Battery IncludedWeatherproof Built in Laptop Sleeve checkETFE Coated Solar Panels

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Best Lightweight

Eceen Lightweight Solar BackpackSuper Light WeightNylon Fabric / Metal Zippers3.5 Watt Solar Panelcheck2000mAh Battery Included

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High Capacity

Eceen High Capacity Solar Backpack10 Watt Solar Panel10000mAh Battery Included48L CapacitycheckWeatherproof Design

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Best Value

Haweel Best Value Solar Backpack7 Watt Solar PanelWeatherproof6000mAh Battery IncludedcheckLight Weight

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Best Solar Backpacks 2018
With so many brands gunning for your attention, choosing the right backpack can be a quagmire if not an entirely daunting affair. Here, we have discussed a few of the best solar backpacks you’ll find on the market and what you need to be on the lookout for when shopping for one.  You can charge your phone, laptop and iPod while on the go. Solar backpacks have come a long way since their inception. Now there are dozens or hundreds of remarkable backpacks all with a promise of efficiency.  Life is hard enough without the inconvenience of not being able to use your phone when out hiking. No more music. No communications. No GPS for when you need to find your bearing and certainly no photos. Luckily, with the advancements in technology, you no longer have to wonder about how you’re going to keep your gadgets powered up while hiking, camping or fishing. Factors to Consider When Choosing A Suitable Solar BackpackFor all its advantages, it’s easy to get carried away and pick the first solar-powered backpack that comes your way. But take note, there are a few things you need to put into consideration before you settle on one.Factors like weight, durability and capacity are some of the features that should be decided on.Feel at ease with warranties, replacement guarantee’s and good customer service. Double check the backpack you are leaning towards has some sort of warranty.How to Fit a Solar Backpack

Best Solar Backpack ReviewsWhen deciding on which best solar backpack to go for, there’s a lot of research that goes into the overall process. Whether you’ll scour for information from the internet or from individuals who have used the item before, there’s no getting around research. And while there are tons of useful information, one of the best ways to find out just how effective something is is by reading customer reviews. Granted, most of them might be bias and for the most part less than helpful but you’re also going to get information that might be helpful.Below is our list of 12 best solar backpacks that will give you value, durable, functional and just plain fun to have…

Eceen Solar BackpackIt has a powerful enough battery power of 10,000 mAh.It can charge any device with a 5-Volt USB port.It is super light.It has powerful 7-Watt solar panels.It is expensive which can be limiting especially if you’re on a budget.Best OverallFind On AmazonFeaturing a rather stylish and ultra-light design, the Eceen Solar Backpack makes it top on our list as the best overall solar backpack on the market. Now Eceen is certainly no stranger in the market. And being a top brand with a range of great and apt solar backpacks, it has rapidly gained in popularity over the years.​The backpack features adjustable breathable straps that facilitate optimum comfort and has a capacity of 42L which is more than sufficient to fit all your accessories. What’s more, it captures a little more sunlight than most conventional solar panels. This means that it in effect generates more electrical power which is a plus.​As an extra perk, the backpack also features a high-quality weather proof PVC fabric that facilitates exceptional performance regardless of the weather situation.

Voltiac Solar BackpackYou can charge it on the go.It features a UV and water resistant ETFE solar panel that’s both sturdy and durable.It is capable of charging your smartphone, camera, GPS device and laptop as well as other small electronics.Compared to other models, the Voltiac’s storage space is a little on the lower side.Best FeaturesFind On AmazonWith the Voltiac Solar Backpack, you never have to leave home unprepared again. Designed for the weekend warrior and the outdoor enthusiast, this high efficiency backpack is the perfect ally when you’re out on adventure but still need to stay connected to the rest of the world. This 20L capacity backpack includes a 4,000 mAh battery that captures more solar energy than most standard power banks you’ll come across. In addition, the backpack is also weather proof to ensure that your off the grid power needs are met regardless of the weather conditions.

Eceen Lightweight Solar BackpackIt is made of a high-quality material that’s both tear resistant and weather proof.It has a capacity of 35L which is sufficient enough to carry everything you need.It folds up to facilitate easy storage.While it has sufficient capacity to fit all your gear, it might not be such a good idea to fill it to the brim as the stitching tends to come apart.Best LightweightFind On AmazonAdventurers looking forward for a hiking, camping, fishing or trekking expedition will love this. This lightweight backpack features a 3.5-Watt solar panel and 2,000 mAh battery pack that charges your Android smartphone, iPad, iPhone and iPad within no time at all. 

Eceen High Capacity Solar BackpackIt charges your phone, tablet, GPS, iPod and any other 5-Volt USB device.It is weather proof and therefore works exceptionally well regardless of the weather condition.With a capacity of 48L, you’ll have enough room to stash all your gear.It is very expensive.High CapacityFind On AmazonThe Eceen High Capacity Solar backpack is the best high capacity solar backpack on the market.It is cool, stylish and durable, all of which are to die for features for any serious adventurer. Fitted with a 10-Watt solar panel and 10,000 mAh power battery pack, the Eceen High Capacity can charge up to 3-4 phones. 

Haweel Best Value Solar BackpackIt has a high-density fabric that’s tear resistant and weather resistant.It is super light.It is roomy and can accommodate all your accessories seamlessly.If size is a deal breaker for you, Haweel is a bit smaller than most conventional solar backpacks.Best ValueFind On AmazonStylish, affordable, featherlight and durable. I must say it most certainly doesn’t get any better than this. Well, with the Haweel Best Value Solar Backpack, you can have it all. Just what you need when hanging out in the great outdoors. Featuring a classic shape and plenty of room, this backpack is roomy enough to accommodate all your well needed accessories. And we haven’t even talked about how remarkably comfortable and breathable it is. In addition, it features a 7-Watt solar panel with 22% transfer efficiency and 6,000 mAh battery power which is enough to charge your electronics while on the go.

Enerplex Solar Backpack for SchoolIt includes all your favorite amenities including expandable compartments, padded laptop sleeves, pen and business card pockets where you can stash your nitty gritties.It is water and weather resistant.It can charge a variety of electronics including cameras, laptops and smartphones.While seemingly great, the quality could be better.Solar School BackpackFind On AmazonEnerplex is a sleek looking revolutionary solar backpack that will keep you charged up while on the move. It is flexible and has incredibly rugged integrated 3-Watt solar panel that’ll keep your smartphones and USB enabled devices all charged up in under 5 hours. 

Eceen Solar Hiking BackpackIt charges a variety of devices including mp3 players, smart phones, GPS devices and Bluetooth speakers.It has various compartments where you can stash your electrical devices and other gear.It could be a little more efficient for the price.Solar Hiking BackpackFind On AmazonA major seller of solar backpacks, Eceen sure doesn’t disappoint at all when it chic and innovative backpacks. This 7-Watt solar charger backpack features among many incredible things a protective anti scratch fabric that is both weather proof and tear resistant.  

Eceen Lightweight Hiking Solar BackpackIt is crafted to withstand harsh conditions and bad weather.It weighs less than 3 pounds making it easier to maneuver with especially when hiking or trekking.The tiny flaps that hold the solar panel together are poorly made.Lightweight Hiking BackpackFind On AmazonDeemed as one of the best lightweight solar hiking backpack on the market, the Eceen Lightweight Hiking Solar Backpack captures more sunlight than most conventional backpacks for the price.Featuring a 7-Watt solar panel and a 22% transfer efficiency rate, this remarkable backpack gets your GPS device, phone and iPod charged up within no time at all.

Powerkeep Big Battery Solar BackpackIt features a 10,000 mAh battery pack that keeps your devices charged up.It has comfortable padded shoulder and chest straps that help relieve the pressure on your back.checkIt has plenty of compartments which are roomy enough to fit all your gear.It is a bit too pricey especially if you’re on a budget.Big Battery Solar BackpackFind On AmazonWith tons of unreliable solar backpacks on the market, finding one that fits can be an arduous task. And even though it’s always great to consider the price, sometimes, it is the pricier things that have better quality.With the Powerkeep Big Battery Solar Backpack, you can harness all the energy you need to keep your tablets, smartphones, wireless headphones and Go Pro devices all charged up. This way you can get to enjoy your hiking, fishing and biking escapades without losing out on what the rest of the world has to say.

SolarGoPak 7-Watt Solar BackpackIt is water and weather proof.It is made of high quality rugged fabric.It has plenty of compartments for documents, maps and other gear.It comes with various USB cables.It charges anything from GPS units, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, cameras and EreadersIt’s a bit too heavy.It is pricier than most backpacks in its range.7-Watt Solar BackpackFind On AmazonThe SolarGoPak is definitely a winner. With plenty of room for all your gear, this is by far the best backpack for your needs. Featuring 10,000 mAh battery power and a removable solar panel that clips right on seamlessly, you can be sure to enjoy on the go power wherever you are.​In addition, the backpack also comes loaded with a suspension and frame to handle the weight of the load. Not to mention two loops that you can use to hang your water bottles. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a day to day backpack that can double up as a hiking bag as well.

Fanspack Solar Laptop BackpackIt charges pretty much any device from smartphones, GPS and USB devices.It can charge multiple devices at a time thanks to the fact that it has a 5.3-Watt output on the solar panel.It doesn’t have any hiking suspensions and so it’s very hard to secure bulky loads on the trail.Solar Laptop BackpackFind On AmazonThe next backpack on our list is the Fanspack Solar Laptop Backpack. A 40L capacity backpack that features a single panel solar charger with plenty of output power for your needs. It is best for charging any 5-volt device including phones, USB devices, tablets and GPS devices.​Being that the solar panel is detachable, the backpack provides optimal efficiency and allows for adjustments so as to make room for more gear. And with the padded laptop compartment, this makes the perfect backpack for your city use needs.

Renogy Solar BackpackIt can charge a smart phone in a little under 3 hours.It is water resistant and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.checkIt is both light and flexible.It is pricey.Find On AmazonWe’ve all been there before. You are out camping with your friends and all your devices are running out of power. Soon enough, you might not be able to communicate with anyone at all. At least not until you get back home. Well, we have just the thing! The Renogy Solar Backpack. This amazing solar powered water-resistant backpack has all the hallmarks of a high-quality backpack that’s perfect for when you want to unleash your inner sport hiking doppelganger. With its integrated 5.6-Watt solar panel and 5-Volt USB charging port, it doesn’t matter where the trail takes you, you’ll still be able to keep your electronics charged.

Best Solar Backpacks Buyers GuideThe Weight of the BackpackWhether it’s an upcoming hike you’re planning or a long-awaited camp that you’re preparing to go off for, having a lightweight solar panel backpack is king. Think about it! You’ll probably need to walk for miles before you finally get to your destination and a weighty backpack though helpful will cause you grief.However, there are several factors that will determine just how weighty your best solar backpack will be. For instance, how large the solar panel is and how big of a storage battery the pack has are definitely deal breakers and something you want to think about when getting yourself a backpack. This plus what you anticipate to carry with you will help to figure out which backpack will work best for you.Backpacks with Fixed Solar Cell or Removable Solar PanelWith an inbuilt solar panel, there are lower chances of the panels or charging capability of the backpack getting damaged. And it also makes packing up much simpler and easier too.Personal preferences play a big hand in the kind of product that you’re ultimately going to go for. Are you more comfortable with a backpack that has a removal solar panel or are you more of a fixed solar cell kind of person?The truth is, the design of the panel tends to vary from one backpack to the next depending on its intended use and the manufacturer’s preference. Therefore, when shopping around, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each design and then make a decision that you think you can live with.Refunds and WarrantiesThere’s something about refunds and warranties that make a product and by extension, the manufacturer trustworthy. Think about it! How many times have you asked for a warranty when buying something? It doesn’t matter how small the item is, you still want that reassurance that should an in eventuality happen, you’re covered.It, therefore, goes without saying that you should consider whether the backpack has a warranty or refund way before you even make a purchase decision because then it not only means that you’re covered in case anything happens to your backpack but it also means that the manufacturers are confident about their masterpiece. Bag MaterialsThe material of the solar power backpack is certainly not something that would typically make top of your list of concerns when choosing a suitable solar panel backpack. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong to overlook it especially seeing as you’re more interested in the technicality of the backpack – you know whether it really works as advertised and whether it’s any good.However, it’s not nearly as irrelevant as you would think. After all, it does determine the overall quality of the backpack which is a pretty big deal if you think about it. Plus, if you have a flair for design, then you might want to pay keen attention to the material.
The Backpack’s CapacityWhen it comes to planning for a trip or an adventure, your backpack’s capacity is king. It does, after all, determine just what you can take with you and what you can’t. And while we are all for less is more, depending on how many days you’re going to be gone for and the nature of your trip, you might either need to carry a full to the brim backpack or just a few necessities. Whichever it is, capacity is certainly something that you want to pay a little more attention to before you settle on a particular solar backpack.Battery SizeVery closely related to the overall weight of the backpack, the battery size is something that you definitely don’t want to overlook. And of course, there should be a balance between its ability to charge your gadgets and being light enough for purposes of portability.

Important Tip :A battery size of 10,000 mAh would be more than sufficient.It is hefty enough to charge even your most energy consuming gadgets but still light enough for you to take with you without much of a hassle.Check our article on rechargeable solar batteries…
Solar Backpack ChargerWhile most backpacks with solar panels are charged up by the natural sunlight, there are some that include a charger as an extra perk. You know. Just in case where you are heading off to is a much cooler place that doesn’t get enough sunlight. In this case, you’ll need to make a decision between one that comes with a charger and one that comes without. However, if it’s any help, you’ll do good to have one that can operate either way because then you’ll be set for a rainy day.Solar Hiking BackpackIf you go hiking a lot, you’ll need a solar backpack that’s custom made just for that. It has to be light and have incredibly comfortable straps for those extra long hikes. Lots of hiking equals lots of wear on your gear, make sure you get a backpack that is durable enough to last your adventures.Waterproof Solar BackpackAsk any buyer around and they’ll probably not even remember to mention the waterproof aspect when making a bucket list of what features their new backpack should possess. The truth is, you cannot discount the fact that you don’t have control over the weather when you’re out on your adventurous escapades. It may be scorching hot one moment and annoyingly damp the next. If you buy a solar charging backpack that doesn’t factor in in its build the possibility of bad weather or the chances of you falling into a river, then you’re going to need to replace it sooner than you might think.Backpack Solar PanelsThe backpack’s solar panels are to the solar charging backpacks what an engine is to the car. It’s practically impossible for the backpack to work without the solar panels.Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have nothing but the best. From build to the material and the overall design, everything about the solar panels has to be just right.
Portable Power BanksThe truth is a plug and play kind of solar backpack will only be of use when the sun is up. Anything after and it could be a dark night ahead for you and the rest of the campers. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the backpack you go for has an inbuilt or otherwise power bank that’s flexible enough to carry with you when you’re out on your usual escapades. Fortunately, some solar powered backpack models have integrated power banks. This means that you can collect energy and keep it for later when you’ll really need it.Convert an Existing Backpack into a Solar Backpack Find On AmazonHave a nice backpack just lying around? You really don’t have to buy a new solar backpack. Why not turn your backpack into a solar-powered masterpiece? I know I know. Sounds rather absurd. I mean where do you even begin? Well, it quite easy really. All you need to do is get external panels and attach them to your backpack. Of course, to do this, the panels have to have clamps which can easily attach to the backpack.
Solar Backpack: Panel OrientationA solar backpack is a really straightforward item. For instance, on a regular day when the sun is up and there are absolutely no clouds, then you’ll have enough solar energy to charge up your battery for the day. Such that once you’re done with the day’s work or adventures, you can get to charge all your gadgets without a hitch. And if you’re up for it then you can rest and busk outdoors while your backpack absorbs enough energy to power up your devices.

Important Tips :Tilt the panels about 45 degrees towards the sun rays for maximum absorptionKeep a microfiber cloth nearby so that you can dust the backpack when it gets dustyEnsure the backpack is waterproof
VerdictWhile there are plenty of solar backpacks on the market, only a handful live up to the expectations and the advertised hype. For you to get one that actually works, you have to have done research on the various types there are and the different features that different solar backpacks bring to the table.

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