5 Best Led Headlights on the Market – Reviews & Guide


May 16, 2019 By Ross Spark 5 Best Led Headlights on the Market – Reviews & Guide

If you’ve researched for the best LED headlight brand, you’re likely aware of the availability of these products for vehicles. Though once the provenance of luxury cars, you’ll find it a popular option across the board.That spells good news for drivers.The technology has a long history, although its widespread implementation is something new. Therefore, it makes sense to see if it’s a viable choice for you since it likely comes with extra costs and other issues you need to know up front about to make an informed decision.It begins with understanding what a LED is and how it works.

Best LED Headlights: Top 5 Picks

Cougar Motor LED Headlight All-in-One Conversion Kit

SEALIGHT Headlight Conversion Kit

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb

NINEO H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

What Are LEDs?A LED or light-emitting diode consists of a semiconductor die and an anode with a positive and negative lead. Electricity spurs the action of the electrons within it to produce light. They don’t have a filament as you see in incandescent bulbs.Instead, the reaction produces heat, but it’s directed to the bottom of the light with a LED instead of from the bulb itself. The result is a more efficient product that uses a fraction of the energy.You’ll notice the difference out of the box.The lights are more substantial with a definite bottom-heavy design. The addition of other elements adds to the weight along with the necessary safety features.Related Articles: Outdoor Lighting BrightnessFeatures of the Best LED Headlight BulbsSeveral options distinguish the best HL LED bulb from their competition and are the things you need to look for when reviewing your choices. They include:LED Headlight ColorsDesign and Bulb TypeCompatibilityLifespanPriceGuarantee and WarrantyColors of the Best HLL LED BulbLEDs have come a long way since their beginnings in 1962. There are two specs you need to know, lumens and Kelvin temperature.The former measures the brightness of the headlamp. You’ll usually see figures ranging anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000. We suggest looking for other features too such as anti-glare with bulbs on the higher end.The latter is the color of the light expressed as warm or cool. The lower the temp, the warmer or more yellow it is. The higher it goes, the starker the white. You’ll find the best LED headlight bulb that goes to 8000 degrees K or more on the upper side.While you might prefer warmer ones for your house, cooler bulbs are best for driving. Look for items with at least a temperature of 5000, preferably higher. Look at both lumens and temp to gauge the kind of light you’ll get.Higher quality products push the limit past 7000 degrees. However, lights that are too bright risk blinding oncoming traffic which affects the overall safety of these headlamps.Related Article: Best Solar Atomic WatchesDesign and Bulb Type of the Best LED HeadlightManufacturers have addressed several issues that LEDs have brought to the table that ironically relate to the benefits.There are considerations about the size relative to the output, direction of the light, heat dissipation, waterproofness, and DOT compliance. You must look into all of them to find the best LED conversion kit.First, you must consider the fitting or bulb type. The safe bet is to check your current set of headlamps for this figure. You’ll find it stamped on the top. There are USA, trade, and international codes for this figure. You’ll see something that begins with either an H or a number that starts with 9.You’ll find lamps that are either single or dual beam. The former refers to those that have two separate fixtures for regular and high output. The latter emits both brightness levels from a single lamp.The output from LEDs and other lamps differs because of the direction of the light and the design of the unit as a whole.The durability of ballast to protect the bulb with shock absorption and heat dissipation are critical factors. It’s the main thing that will affect your satisfaction with your purchase so that you can enjoy the benefits that the best LED bulbs for cars offer.Here’s where we come to the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Only buy LEDs that are the latter. You’ll see a waterproof rating given as a double-digit IP number. The distinctions are specific for entry of solids and liquids with the higher, the better.Of course, you’re not going to find LEDs that are completely submersible. However, they should offer reasonable protection against the elements.Remember, debris and liquids are two of the main culprits of malfunctioning with these products. However, the heat factor adds the proverbial wrench to the matter with a compromise necessary between safety and protection.The added cost of LED headlights makes it an essential consideration too.Also, check for DOT-Compliant certification so that they’re legal to use. After all, the light input of headlamps is a vital safety consideration and a typical part of a headlight experts LED review.If you’re uncertain, check with your local auto parts store or contact your state’s department of transportation. Generally, odd colors outside of the traditional ones are the ones most likely to cause the problem.HLL LED Headlight CompatibilityThis factor is likely more of an issue with older vehicles and some makes. A lot rests with energy output. The difference between traditional halogen and LEDs lamps is vast and that can affect performance.For example, you’ve probably noticed that your flashers blink faster when a bulb fails. Your car’s diagnostics has detected a change in its output which triggers that response so that you know it’s time to change bulbs.A common problem with switching to LEDs is that they will do the same thing because of the lower power usage.It can occur with some headlamps too. It’s more likely to present a problem with older products and vehicles.Fortunately, many manufacturers incorporate a fix into their design with an anti-flicker capacitor or resistors pre-installed to compensate for varying energy thresholds. However, vehicles that use a can bus system for internal communications may have other issues with LEDs too.The good news is that headlights, like many automotive features, are standard. But, the wise shopper will check their car’s compatibility before buying.Many manufacturers have compatibility checkers on their sites. That’s where you need to start before buying. Bear in mind that after-market changes may affect the accuracy of this information.LifespanThe lifespan of LEDs is one of the primary selling points. You’ll see this figure expressed in hours with most starting at about 30,000. When you compare that number to the 5,000 of your old halogen headlamps, you can see what makes them an excellent investment.Take this figure into account when balancing the initial cost with your overall investment. You’ll likely find that the bulbs pay for themselves quickly, despite the higher initial price up front.And updated technology has reduced what you’ll need to fork out too.You’ll see figures of 30,000 more often with some sellers offering 50,000. The latter is a bit of a wild card.Better design—and upfront cost—can support this selling point. We suggest looking at the warranty to determine if the longer span is justified.Manufacturers often back up this claim with cooling technology with either a chip or fan within the ballast at the base that protects the bulb. LEDs still get hot, but the heat comes from the bottom instead of from the lamp.Pay attention to the description of these elements. After all, they ultimately affect lifespan and performance. Bear in mind that a faulty design puts more at stake than a couple of burnt-out bulbs.Price of the Best LED Headlight KitThis factor comes into play when it comes to replacement cost. Any headlight has a finite lifespan. The question is when will it become an issue.You can expect to buy double or more the cost for LEDs over halogen bulbs. However, you also need to take into account the other perks they offer which put them in the win column.Guarantee and WarrantyMost sellers back up their products with a money-back guarantee if they don’t work out of the box. However, the higher price tag justifies some extra protection.Three-year warranties are pretty much standard within the industry. It makes sense given the lifespan of the bulbs. Our advice is to read the fine print and hold onto your original receipt, just in case.We’d also suggest looking at the manufacturer warranty for both types of products side-by-side. The chances are you’ll only receive the stock 30-day guarantee with traditional bulbs instead of the extended ones with LEDs.LED Headlight Bulbs ReviewThere are several compelling reasons why LED headlights are a safer bet and a better choice. Most older vehicles have halogen or HID lamps. They serve their purposes well with the latter the better choice with older technologies.The LED options are the new kid on the block and a feature you’ll typically see with higher-end vehicles. Fortunately, conversion kits give you a way to capitalize on their benefits even if you don’t drive the latest model.The advantages cover several additional factors including:OutputCost savingsSafetyLet’s consider each one in detail.Output to Consider With the LED Headlight ReviewWe’ll concede from the start that this aspect varies depending on where you drive. If you travel mainly in the city, the chances are that the intensity of light isn’t as significant an issue, considering the presence of streetlights, outdoor lighting, and traffic.If you drive on country roads, it’s a different story. Optimal light output isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.The brightest HLL LED bulb makes a significant impact. It illuminates the area in front of your car brighter and farther. You can see potential hazards quicker, giving you more time to react and avoid an accident. The reason is that it is optimized for these conditions.Typically, LEDs focus light in one direction per light. That’s why you often see these lights with multiple units whether it’s a headlamp or a bulb for your closet.Without several LEDs pointing in different directions, you risk not having a spot covered. That’s a problem with reflectors that work with omnidirectional incandescent bulbs. Their output covers all the bases.Manufacturers overcome this issue with multiple diodes to cover all the directions with one fixture.Cost SavingsWe’ve already discussed price, but let’s look beyond the elephant in the room to situations that affect your bottom line.If you’ve ever received a ticket for a burnt-out headlight, you know exactly what we mean.The fact remains that you’ll get a significantly longer lifespan with an LED over a halogen headlamp. We’re talking about the difference between 10 months and up to 13 years, according to General Electric.And let’s be honest. How many people have a spare headlight in their car? We thought so. The time you find out that’s it’s out is if you detect it yourself while stopped at a traffic light or when Officer Friendly brings it to your attention.The fine typically isn’t outrageous in most states—assuming that’s the only problem. However, it is a probable cause for police to pull you over and find out the hard way in many jurisdictions.Of course, it’s not a major point, but certainly is something that exists in the win column for LED headlamps.SafetyThe issue of safety relates back to light output. Let’s put this aspect into better focus.The brightness and scope of LEDs are superior to halogens and HIDs. Period. That makes driving safer for you and others on the road no matter what the conditions. We think it puts the best LED lights for cars in the dealmaker category.Other ConsiderationsWe’d be remiss if we didn’t cover the downsides of using LEDs for headlights. You’ll likely notice a few things right off the bat beyond the cost. But, with the higher price comes quality which you need to keep in mind too.You may find that they’re either easy to install, or you’ll need to make an appointment with your mechanic. There’s more hardware with these products and a few extra steps. Also, check your state’s laws and regulations to play it safe.Finally, there is the operating temperature to consider. Most LEDs have a broad range that may dip down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Granted, it’s a minor point but can make a difference if you live in a northern clime and need to travel, regardless of the cold.The Best LED Headlights on the MarketWe considered the features of the products along with more practical things such as cost, performance, and usefulness to find the best headlights for cars.The technology has some limitations when it comes to older vehicles. That factor doesn’t affect the overall rating of a product. Instead, we focused on situations where it was a valid option.Here’s our roundup of the best LED headlights.

Cougar Motor LED Headlight All-in-One Conversion Kit

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Best LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The Cougar Motor LED Headlight All-in-One Conversion Kit has everything you need to make the leap from halogen headlamps. The base is aluminum, and the unit includes a cooling fan for added protection against avoidable damage.
The manufacturer took excellent care with the design to anticipate possible issues and complaints that the user may have with their performance. This element does an excellent job of managing the heat.
The specs include 7,200 lumens and a temp of 6000 degrees which strikes a balance between output and affordability with a cool white light. While acceptable, we’d prefer products that are brighter on the Kelvin temperature range. The package provides clear instructions for you to install them yourself. However, you may need to get a mechanic involved in some installations.
The lights use Cree LEDs which are the gold standard in the industry and an excellent point in the product’s favor. The use of the aluminum housing is a wise choice, given its higher heat output.
The overall design takes into account a lot of the failings of LEDs along with the fixes that the manufacturer has implemented. The result is a user-friendly kit that ensures that the manufacturer understands the advantages and challenges of products of its type.


They come in two adjustable sizes.

The manufacturer uses high-quality Cree technology for optimal output.

The lifespan is 50,000 hours or nearly six years.

They offer both a three-year warranty and lifetime support.

The bulbs have an IP rating of 67.

The output is a decent 7,200 lumens.

The lights are canbus-ready.


The Kelvin temperature is on the low end at 6000 degrees.

There are occasional issues of compatibility with the electronics of newer vehicles.

Some individuals may experience problems with replacing the dust cover over the lights.

SEALIGHT Headlight Conversion Kit

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Basic Setup with No Frills

The SEALIGHT Headlight Conversion Kit makes it easy to convert to LEDs as long as you don’t need a canbus-ready product. It has a reasonable output of 6000 lumens at 6000 degrees Kelvin. The result isn’t brilliant which makes it a better option for urban driving conditions than those in the country.
The brightness of the light isn’t there for these conditions.
That said, the product delivers on its promise. The manufacturer backs it up with support and customer service that is admirable. However, they’ve only been around since 2016. We can only hope they stand the test of time with this mission.
The company has its mindset in the right direction with a focus on the customer and continued development. We liked the fact that their mission include a reference to keep listening. That speaks volumes to us. It puts buyers in the driver’s seat.
The market segment is clearly the budget-minded consumer. The lifespan is the industry standard with the low side of the output and limited compatibility. It’s an excellent option if you fit these criteria and don’t anticipate any installation issues.
Otherwise, we’d afraid that you may find it more trouble than you want to tackle. The best way to forestall any issues, of course, if you do your homework before laying out any cash.


The manufacturer offers 24/7 support.

It has a 30,000-hour lifespan.

It has an excellent IP rating.

They are easy to install.

The company is customer-driven.


The output is only 6,000 lumens

They are not canbus-ready.

The warranty is only for 12 months.

You must install a warning canceller with some vehicles including some later domestic models.

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb

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Easy Installation

This BEAMTECH LED review looks at several points that put a product in the win or loss column. It ticks off a lot of the boxes we like to see in these products. The light is bright on the cool white side with a longer lifespan that speaks to its well-made design. The manufacturer provides excellent customer support for nipping many issues in the bud.
The appearance of the bulbs is attractive, providing both a pleasant light and optimal output. The color temperature emits a brilliant light that has decent coverage. The price is right too for what you get. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee. However, we could not find any information about the warranty.
The installation is easy without a lot of hassle. There were some compatibility issues, but at least the company responds promptly to any concerns.
The specs are user-friendly across the board with sizes, lifespan, and operating specs. There are some occasional quality control issues that are location-dependent. Our advice is to research these factors if you live in an area where the climate presents significant challenges.


You’ll find a broad selection of sizes.

The light output is bright for safer driving.

It has a decent lifespan of 30,000 hours.

The product’s design optimizes heat dissipation.

The bulb operates silently even with the cooling element.


The bulbs have a tough time in areas that use a lot of salt during the winter months.

There are issues with older vehicles with a reflector setup.

Flickering issues are commonplace with some makes and models.

The seller only offers a limited money back guarantee without mention of a warranty.

NINEO H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

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Most Versatile

The NINEO H11 LED Headlight Bulbs stands out from the crowd with its adjustable beam angle for handling any potential issues with the light output. The attention to detail exists with the cooling portion and a higher rotation rate to keep them operating efficiently. The installation is intuitive with a design that covers a lot of makes and models.
There is a lot of attention evident overall which makes this product worth a look despite the higher price. We appreciated the fact that they offer broad coverage to prevent the dark spots that add up to the vulnerability of adverse events in some conditions. They have an output of 12,000 lumens which is a definitive plus in its favor.
The lifespan is the industry standard of 30,000 hours which is reasonable and still makes it an excellent value. However, the warranty is a bit weak when taken into account with these figures. However, the manufacturer has anticipated many of the potential drawbacks with compatibility. Overall, the headlamps are well-made.
However, this set is the clear winner for the quality of the materials. The manufacturer takes no shortcuts which are reflected in the price tag. The specs back up the claims and the price with top-of-the-line technology.
We’d suggest this product if you anticipate several years with your current vehicle to justify the price. Otherwise, there are other more affordable options that will serve your needs and provide a wise investment.


The manufacturer uses a proactive design to stop problems in their tracks.

They have Cree chips for optimal output in keeping with the industry’s standards.

They have superior cooling efficiency for the best performance.

The seller provides lifetime support that extends beyond the shorter warranty.

They have an excellent lumen output of 12,000.


They are more expensive than comparable products.

The warranty is a bit short for one year, given its lifespan of over three years.

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

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Best Driver Experience

The HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit offers an outstanding output with a cool white light that gets the job done. They are more expensive than comparable products that warrant extra scrutiny of its features.
The design is compact to minimize compatibility issues out of the gate. We appreciate this attention to detail. It considers both the driver and the oncoming traffic which is a significant point in its favor. The light output is focused with minimal dispersion. The pattern is pleasing which is something we like to point out with an HLL LED headlight bulbs review.
The installation is user-friendly, making it simple to convert from a halogen setup. The quality of the construction is evident too with the heavy-duty materials. We liked the fact that the manufacturer upped the ante with output, lifespan, and the warranty. All show us a seller willing to stand behind their products.
Some users may have issues with the color temperature. The light output is decent, but the temperature puts it on the lower end of the cool range. You may notice a slightly yellow tinge. It’s not as bright as some products that we’ ve seen.
We feel it’s more of a problem with you have the expectation of a stark white light or if you live in the country and well out of the light of an urban setting.
That said, the headlamps illuminate reflective surfaces on guardrails and traffic signs adequately with an added notice of upcoming hazards. You won’t miss anything if you install these lights on your vehicle. The added lumen output is a significant factor in its favor that pushes it over the edge if money isn’t a deciding issue for you.
We found a few affordable products with output in this range. However, we think that it’s a feature worth paying for if you can.


They have an excellent lumen output of 12,000.

The efficient design ensures maximum compatibility across the board.

They have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

The issues with oncoming drivers are minimized.

They offer outstanding customer service after the purchase.


This kit is the most expensive of any that we reviewed.

Some may prefer a cooler white light.

ConclusionAfter considering everything for the LED headlight bulb reviews, the clear winner for the best LED headlights is Cougar Motor LED Headlight All-in-One Conversion Kit.The product hits many of the points we want to see in these headlamps that extend beyond the driver’s experience. The manufacturer shows a lot of thoughtfulness with the design that extends to oncoming traffic which scored a lot of points with us.The mission for improved safety is clearly on track with this set.The specs also scored points with superior output that keeps with the cool white range for the best brightness. They also have a longer lifespan which speaks to the seller’s confidence in their products that they back up with a longer warranty. All of these specs gave it high marks.The canbus-ready design is a significant advantage to appeal to a broader range of users and stem negative feedback. It’s a known risk factor that we appreciate the company addressing for its inception.The Cree technology is another vital factor.It doesn’t pay to invest in a product that isn’t top of the line, given the stakes of choosing an inferior one for safety. The act that is wallet-friendly too seals the deal for us.LED headlights offer an excellent way to boost your safety with brighter lights and a wider coverage area to prevent issues with oncoming traffic and wildlife encounters. While new vehicles have this technology, they provide an effective way to avoid problems in a cost-effective way.

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