9 Cats That Act Like Dogs (But Still Have Kitty Traits)


When we think of cats, traits that frequently come to mind include independent, reserved, and fearful, but there are several cat breeds that have personalities that are more like dogs. These cats are less aloof than some of their feline friends, and they might even come when you call them.

If you want to add a cat to your family, the best place to start is at a shelter or with a rescue organization. Many rescue cats are mixed breeds with the best traits of several varieties rolled into one. 

Looking for a friendly and loyal feline companion? Here are nine cats that act like dogs.

Maine Coon

Alexandra Jursova / Getty Images

Originally bred as hardy working cats to tackle rodents and to survive Northeastern winters, Maine coon cats have a reputation as intelligent, trainable, and, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, doglike. 

Typically larger than most house cats, these gentle giants are incredibly friendly and charming. Like dogs, they always want to be with their people. Many Maine coons enjoy playing in water, and they are particularly good with other pets and with kids.

American Curl

Robert Way / Getty Images

Known for its distinctive ears that curl back gracefully, the American curl is friendly and fun. These cats are curious and playful and like to be in the middle of the action. People-oriented, these cats are affectionate, faithful companions. They also adapt well to new pets and people.

They are known to follow their owners around, just like a pup. The curl keeps its kittenlike personality throughout most of its life. It doesn’t talk much, but when it does, it makes cooing sounds.


Sandy Potere / EyeEm / Getty Images

This friendly breed is often—but not always—tailless. The Manx is sometimes referred to as doglike because it loves to play and is a loyal companion. An affectionate breed, the Manx cat enjoys hanging out with its people. 

Unlike many cats who think commands are only for canines, this intelligent breed can learn commands like “come” and “no.”

Turkish Angora

vi-mart / Getty Images

The rare and gorgeous all-white Turkish Angora doesn’t let beauty go to its head. These friendly felines are loving and playful. They get along well with children, dogs, and other animals—although they like to be the top pet in the household.

Turkish Angoras will often run to the door when visitors arrive, and this life of the party will even stay to mingle with guests.


PhotoAlto/Anne-Sophie Bost / Getty Images

The fluffy ragdoll has mesmerizing blue eyes and a friendly and sweet personality. The ragdoll gets its name because when it’s picked up, it tends to go limp—just like a rag doll. 

These people-oriented pets can be taught to come when called and will even play games traditionally associated with dogs, like fetch. A ragdoll cat will often meet you at the door when you come home, stay by your side as you move around the house, sit on your lap, and snuggle with you at night. They are large, calm, and intelligent cats that are great with children.


Manuel ROMARIS / Getty Images

One of the oldest known breeds, this doglike cat will follow its owner around, sometimes with a toy in its mouth, and it doesn’t mind learning to walk on a leash. It is energetic and curious about its environment. The catch is that these people-loving pets crave attention and can become depressed if left alone too often.

A loyal breed, the Abyssinian is a companion cat that enjoys quality time with its owner, though it’s more a fan of active playtime than it is of passive cuddles.


miroslav_1 / Getty Images

Smart and oozing with personality, these silky-coated kitties make great family pets because they just love being around their people. Some of their doglike traits include an outgoing personality, a desire to play fetch, and a habit of following their favorite humans from room to room.

Burmese cats are outgoing and affectionate; they are also good with children, and sometimes, the family dog.


By Wunderfool / Getty Images

Although the unusual-looking sphynx appears hairless, there’s often a fine down on this breed’s body that can make it feel like it’s covered in a soft suede. Its body has been described as feeling like a soft peach or smooth nectarine.

These cats are typically lovable and silly. They love attention and adore being with people, but they also enjoy the company of other cats and dogs. This energetic breed is even known to wag its tail to show love and appreciation.


Vadimborkin / Getty Images

Sweet Birman kittens are born all white and then start to develop color as they get older. These gentle kitties are relatively quiet and very loving and social with people and other pets, but they do grow to be long and large. They are patient and easygoing, and they love attention. They can show a bit of jealousy if «their» human isn’t engaged enough with them.

The Birman is filled with unconditional love. It enjoys nothing more than spending quality time following its human around the house. It is territorial, but not aggressive.

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