11 Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie Brands

What rests next to our most prized possessions might be amongst the most important to align with our values in the realms of ethics and sustainability. 

For health reasons having non-breathable planet harming fabrics created with toxic chemicals next to your skin is far from ideal. The nasties hidden within the fabric of your undies (and clothes) not only seep into the environment harming the planet and its inhabitants – but also directly into your body through your skin (which absorbs 60% of what is put on it)y. 

Just last year, a Greenpeace investigation revealed the presence of hormone-disrupting phthalates in Victoria’s Secret underwear at levels that would have led to the product being BANNED in the EU had it been a toy (they have since promised to not put a shit ton of chemicals in their gear, though no proof of change has arisen).

Every mainstream underwear brand there is has a terrible sustainability reputation. Victoria’s Secret, for example, has received an E-label for sustainability which is the lowest possible sustainability score there is. The label indicates they care very little about the planet’s health and their customer’s health, putting profit over people without blinking an eye.

As well as being safe to wear, your lingerie should make you feel empowered, yet there is nothing empowering about flouncing around in products produced by exploited women. Or in Victoria Secret’s case, exploited children … 

The brands I’ve selected for my own lingerie drawer, are ones which prove Victoria’s Secret‘s wrongs can easily be switched with a few transformative tweaks. Creating lingerie as affordable and beautiful as the VS Angels sport, without all the pain and poison.  

ECO + ETHICAL HOW?  Every aspect of Sustain By Kat‘s creations are as sustainable as currently possible and moving towards becoming a leading brand in regenerative fashion as well. Her collections are created both ethically and sustainably in Los Angeles from 100% natural organic fibres, and organic cotton thread and labels. Her pieces are either left undyed or dyed with natural plant dyes from Botanical Colors or Aura Herbal Wear which is organic and locally sourced, making them free of harmful chemical whiteners, optical brighteners or industrial fabric softeners.
MY REVIEW? Comfy and cozy, simple yet sexy, the perfect for everyday wear.
WHERE TO BUY? svalashop.com | USA

☾⟠ SVALA ⟠☽

ECO + ETHICAL HOW?  Svala creates beautiful upcycled lace lingerie which somehow fits perfectly, even when your size has been guessed by owner Helga. Svala‘s collection is handmade in their LA studio, meaning the entire line is made fairly and gets the love and attention it deserves. Each of their tags, labels, and promotional materials are printed on 100% recycled paper. 
MY REVIEW? Their collection is simple yet sexy, the type of thing you can feel alluring in no matter the day or outfit. I have two sets of their Vivien Lace underwear, they camouflage against your skin so you can wear the bras under almost anything and their underwear don’t pinch the skin at all, they sort of glide along and move with your body. I was just sent two pairs of these babies and I’ve got to say, they’re damn pretty and fit to perfection.  
WHERE TO BUY? svalashop.com | USA

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? This French brand is run by my pal Julie here in Paris, she is an incredible seamstress and creates her entire collection in her home studio. In true French style, she’s found a way to marry comfort and style mixing classic and modern materials and NO WIRES to sculpt the body. Each of her creations are a true piece of art, beautiful and comfortable, practical and sexy.

MY REVIEW? I discovered JAAD at La Manufacture Onirique here in Paris, at La Manufacture’s closing party I finally tried one of her Tropical Aphrodite bras and immediately adored how it made my boobs look. My breasts aren’t that big, and in a previous life I would put on the most horrifically uncomfortable push-up bras to create the same effect, but with no wire and no padding, she’d somehow created a bra that does all that work and is comfy. Julie, the designer, later gifted me the undies to match which are super cute and comfy as well. But the bra takes the cake.
WHERE TO BUY? jaadlingerie.fr | FRANCE
☾⟠ AIKYOU ⟠☽

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? The little black dress of the eco + ethical lingerie industry, Aikyou’s undies fit like a second skin. They cater to women with small breasts and women who have had mastectomies creating gorgeous, flattering pieces that seamlessly streamline under any garment.  Their entire collection is made from fair trade-certified organic cotton, the yarn for which is spun, knitted, and dyed in Germany. They use green electricity, and they ship with DHL’s GoGreen using second-hand cardboard boxing and recyclable packaging. 
MY REVIEW? I’ve got the Stella Bra and Coco Undies, there is ZERO metalware on this bra so you just slip it on over your head and it so comfy I have to sometimes check if I’m even wearing it. The Stella Bra is super low cut so you can wear it with just about any top, including t-shirts which it seamlessly hides under.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? White Rabbit NYC creates stunningly soft everyday intimate basics. Each beautifully designed piece is ethically made in Mexico by a family-owned manufacturer that employees mostly women, with 100+ years experience in crafting lingerie. The fabric used is sustainably sourced bamboo rayon and they work with an eco-friendly knitter that is OEKO-tex certified, meeting international safety and environmental standards. The brand is philanthropic too, supporting female empowerment by donating a percentage of their sales to Fabrica Social, a non-profit organization that supports the development of female artisan communities in Mexico by providing training and merchandising support. 
MY REVIEW? They kindly sent me The Ann Set in Burgundy (pictured above) and it quickly became a fast favourite. The thong feels weight free and leaves zero underwear line, which as an avid legging wearer is important to me. The bra feels as comfy as a sports bra, supportive but not constricting in the slightest. It’s the type of lingerie to wear under a sloppy sweatsuit or a fancy night out; suitable for sexy times or slothy Sundays. 
WHERE TO BUY? whiterabbitny.com | USA | ** Use code Holly-WR for 10% off your first order

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? Clare Bare creates eco-friendly / ethically made lingerie that is draw-droopingly sexy. Clare infuses true artistry into each design, upcycling salvaged fabrics and trim to create some truly unique and creative pieces using organic dyes and original silkscreened artwork. Each piece is handmade in her L.A studio, and I can say as an owner of two sets of her creations, the quality is spectacularly on point. 
MY REVIEW? I own two sets, the uber sexy hand dyed Escapade Mesh Lace Set and the super sweet upcycled cotton Scrunch Set. Each piece accentuates your assets in a natural way that makes you feel stunningly sexy. I have a habit of wearing my Escapade Mesh Lace Set to knock the socks off my husfriend when I strip down before bed, transforming frumpy to frisky in a matter of seconds.

ECO + ETHICAL HOW? While the name kind of represents, in a cheeky way, everything one wants to avoid in terms of undies, the concept behind their creation, is conscious. The underwear collection, for ladies and gents, is made with Organic Pima Cotton which is grown on family farms without the use of GMOs. Each waistband is made out of recycled plastic water bottles, helping reduce the landfill heap. The brand is also philanthropic with $4 of each purchase going to one of nine 4-star charities. 


ECO + ETHICAL HOW? The Scandinavians never cease to amaze me. Swedish Eco has created a collection of undies for men and women which fit like Calvin Klein undies but they’re made with GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed with Oeko-tex 100 Standard colouring, which excludes any harmful substances present within processed textiles intended to come into contact with consumers.
MY REVIEW? I have the Grey Melange set and they’re lovely. I wear the sports bra 4-6 days a week when I work out, and it is super supportive and comfy. Plus it looks cool, which is always an added bonus. 


ECO + ETHICAL HOW?  This female owned and operated online boutique, based in Winnipeg, Canada, ships globally and specializes in luxurious ethical and sustainable lingerie and swimwear. They’re my go-to for any intimates, swimwear or loungewear with their conscious collection of aesthetically pleasing gear.

MY REVIEW? I have their Underprotection Red Kira set made from recycled polyester. It’s sexy and comfy, though the knickers have seams so you can only wear them with loose dresses or jeans. Azura carries a wide selection of brands with diverse styles and fits for all female bodies sure to give you options that suit you and your lifestyle.
WHERE TO BUY? azurabay.com | CANADA


ECO + ETHICAL HOW?  A new bra on the market which is toxin-free and wire-free and launched by a female-run brand called The Very Good Bra. Made for women of all shapes and sizes it comes in 24 different measurements, meaningfully marrying support and comfort in perfect tandem to fit like a second skin. ⁣Since 80% of a product’s environmental impact happens at the design stage, The Very Good Bra has tried to ensure that every component which goes into their product’s creation is sustainably made. They found elastic made from sustainably farmed rubber trees, organic cotton for organic sewing thread, organic inks for toxin-free colour, completely compostable packaging to ship in, and the cleanest and most sustainably made Tencel to bring you a thoughtfully crafted sustainable and durable bra which comfortable enough to sleep in.
MY REVIEW? I sent in my measurements before receiving the bra and it fits like a glove. Both supportive and comfortable it is the only adjustable (and wire-free) bra I’ve ever owned which is both comfortable and supportive.


ECO + ETHICAL HOW?  WAMA ethically produces their undies in a GOTS-certified (an organic textile certification) factory in China and creates them using hemp and organic cotton. Hemp has numerous amazing qualities. It can grow almost anywhere as it isn’t picky about the type of soil it gestated itself in, and it has a super short growing season as well, taking as little as 4 months to bloom, compared to its cotton counterpart which take as long as a human baby. Hemp is also pest resistant, requires zero chemicals or pesticides to grow, and uses up to 50% less water than cotton. ⁣In terms of undies, hemp is great for your bits and bobbles, as it is naturally anti-microbial and breathable, making it a good knicker / boxer option for your bod.⁣
MY REVIEW? I only wear full back undies when I’m hanging around the house, but these are really comfy. My husband really likes the boxers as well, and said they’re as comfortable as Me Undies, his former favs.

WHERE TO BUY? wamaunderwear.com | USA

PHOTOS: Monique Pantel of Pantel Photo | Photo 9, 12, 13, 14, 15: Shane Woodward

SPONSORED POST: This post was sponsored by multiple brands, each of which I personally selected and approached for this collaborative post. As always, the story, including all content, experiences, suggestions and opinions, are my own. I was gifted at least one item for review from each brand listed.
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