Eurobike 2021 – The 13 ebike highlights in the urban mobility sector


This year, too, Eurobike 2021 in Friedrichshafen is coming up with some highlights and surprises in the urban mobility sector. You can tell that things are humming on all sides. New brands want to position themselves in this sector and are enriching the market with great concepts and ingenious ideas. Find out here what else is on offer this year besides new e-cargo bikes and full-suspension S-Pedelecs.

Coleen Modern DB

The lovingly handcrafted Coleen Modern DB bike from France is – being completely without the down tube – certainly one of the visual highlights of this year’s show. Over more than 50 hours of work, the carbon frame is manufactured and fitted with the components, some of which are also produced in France. The Modern DB is the S-Pedelec version, which supports you up to the speed of 45 km/h. This is supposed to be provided by the in-house hub motor, which is fed by a 522 Wh capacity battery integrated in the top tube. For maximum connectivity, the on-board computer integrated into the stem offers real-time GPS tracking, an automatic Bluetooth unlock as soon as you approach the bike, a USB charging port and an instant notification function whenever your yellow speedster starts moving without permission. You don’t like the yellow paint job? That’s no problem. Thanks to the configurator, you can choose from five other colors for your Coleen ebike, which is available from € 6,860. Choose between singlespeed, 6-speed pinion drive, 9-speed pinion drive, aluminum, carbon or suspension seatpost, Hope or Formula brakes and even two different seat positions. So if you’re bad at making choices, you’re better off looking for an off-the-shelf bike…

For more information on the Coleen Modern DB, visit

Aska Super Commuter All-Round Adventurer

The motto of the S-Pedelec from Aska is clear: If there’s a will, there’s a way. So the name of the bike equipped with the neodrives Z20rs drive and boasting 1,200 W peak power fits like a glove: Super Commuter All-Round Adventurer. That’s a mouthful, but wow! With its rugged appearance, the full-suspension speed pedelec is strongly reminiscent of the Riese & Müller Homage (go to review) and comes with an Öhlins TTX1 Air rear shock with 70 mm travel and a Formula Selva mountain bike suspension fork with 130 mm of travel in the front. The massive 36 mm stanchions should be able to handle even the nastiest of potholes! Massive is also the 950 Wh battery, which should push you 60 km at full speed and with maximum support. The Pinion C1.6 gearbox drive with Gates Carbon Belt ensures a maintenance-free commuter life. Price-wise, the Aska ebike, whose frame is made in Belgium, is priced at € 8,999. The Super Commuter All-Round Adventurer is available in one universal frame size for riders between 1.70 m and 2.0 m and with three different paint finishes.

For more information on the Aska Super Commuter All-Round Adventurer, visit

Cluuv e-cargo

The next highlight of this year’s Eurobike is the Cluuv e-cargo. Moving away from the bike for the next doomsday scenario, let’s proceed towards a family-suitable cargo bike. The young company from Wiesbaden/Germany gives its e-cargo bike the new Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System motor (go to review), an integrated and removable PowerTube battery with a capacity of 750 Wh and the virtually maintenance-free Gates Carbon Belt Drive. The young start-up company places particular emphasis on the manufacturing of the e-cargo bike, for example, the frame is made entirely in Europe and other equipment is partly manufactured in Germany. For maximum flexibility, the cargo platform is equipped with a modular system to easily switch from a pure platform for bulky loads to a low transport box or the children box in no time. The integrated rail system is cleverly implemented, allowing, for example, the seats to be moved in the style of a VW bus. Depending on the load, you can decide whether to place it in front of or behind the kids. Speaking of kids: the box offers space for up to three kids or two seats plus a baby car seat, and you can put the seats in a resting position to make the ride even more comfortable for the little ones. And that’s an advantage that parents will also surely benefit from! After the group test of 9 cargo bikes, we would definitely be happy to receive the Cluuv e-cargo for a test in our editorial office!

More information about the Cluuv e-cargo can be found at

Evari 856

The UK-based bike brand Evari has set itself a goal: to create an emotional bond between riders and their bikes. You are supposed to fall in love with the 856 – this is the short name of the new offspring – and ideally get the same emotions back. You get support from the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, which pushes you with up to 85 Nm and is powered by a 500 Wh battery. The accompanying Bosch Kiox display is integrated into the top tube in a visually appealing way. A highlight is certainly the Evari Connect app for your smartphone, which comes with freely configurable widgets. When choosing the gear system, which is coupled with the Gates Carbon Belt Drive, you have a free choice between singlespeed, enviolo automatic gears or Rohloff E14 SPEEDHUB hub gears. The carbon-framed 856 bike will be available in two sizes, prices were not available at the time of publishing.

For more information on the Evari 856, visit

Stromer ST3

The Swiss S-Pedelec specialist, Stromer, has also booked itself a ticket to Eurobike 2021, presenting a new version of its all-season, all-weather commuter bike: the Stromer ST3 with Pinion C1.9 central gearing, which has a remarkable 568% range, is coupled with an equally low-maintenance belt drive. The in-house rear motor comes with a peak power of 820 W or 44 Nm and, in combination with the 814 Wh battery, should get you to the office and back in no time. As usual from the Swiss company, the new ST3 is also well connected and shines with an on-board computer, GPS tracking, Smartlock and more. Would you like to commute to work by bike this fall and winter? Then you’ll have to be patient, as the Stromer ST3 won’t be available until March of next year, according to the manufacturer. If you want to pass the time until then by reading and becoming an ebike expert, you should dig into our large ebike group test.

More information about the Stromer ST3 can be found at

Lavelle P2

Lavelle are proud to present the P2, a hand-built carbon bike made to order in Europe with a unique design. In reference to the Cannondale bike with the Lefty suspension fork, the rear triangle of the P2 could also be called the Righty because the seat stay and chainstay are exclusively found on the right side. Another special feature is the Revonte ONE motor, which is coupled with a 730 Wh battery and can boast a peak power of 200 Nm or 2,000 W. More power is simply not possible! And anti-theft protection is also provided. If someone should set the Lavelle P2 e-bike in motion without permission, an alarm is triggered and you will be notified by an SMS.

More information about the Lavelle P2 can be found at

Hopper Mobility E-concept car

Hopper Mobility, a company from Augsburg/Germany, combine a car and a bicycle with an E-concept car that offers space for luggage and passengers for modern city traffic. The vehicle is supported up to a speed of 25 km/h and can thus also be driven on normal bike paths. The clever body concept not only provides protection in the event of an accident, but also offers the occupants additional protection against wind, water and a secure footing on wet roads. A compact design – the concept car is shorter than the typical width of many cars – means it can also be parked crossways in parking spaces, just like a Smart. A special feature is the 90° rear-wheel steering, which means the turning circle is just 2 meters. If you live in a sunny area, one hour of full sunlight is enough to juice it up for a range of 5 km – thanks to the solar panel integrated in the roof.

More information about the Hopper Mobility e-concept car can be found at

Rayvolt CRUZER and e-cargo bike

Bike brand Rayvolt has been launched with a single goal in mind: they want to ban gasoline-powered motorcycles from the roads and replace them with vehicles powered by electric motors. “Yesterday’s charm for tomorrow’s technology is today’s solution.” When it comes to the development and design of bikes, the retro look is at the top of the list. The ebikes are powered by the in-house Rayvolt EIVA Drive hub motor, which comes with either 50 or 100 Nm. The motor and bike information is displayed via smartphone and the dedicated app, and the support levels can also be set. The battery is between 550 and 1,110 Wh, depending on the bike and configuration, and the intelligent braking system is supposed to be able to feed the energy back into the battery when in use. We’d love to test that out! The recuperation modes of various bikes from the last ebike group test could not really convince us, unfortunately.

More information about the Rayvolt CRUZER and e-cargo bike can be found at

Vaast E/1

With the E/1 bike, the US bicycle manufacturer Vaast presents a full-suspension, low-entry bike that is only revealed as such at the second or third glance. The rear suspension, which goes by the name of Nail’d’ R3ACT, is inconspicuously integrated into the bike and suspends the rider, rear rack and motor independently of the pedal stroke. If the bike hits a curb, for example, the seatpost springs completely down out of the main frame and with it the rider, the motor and the rear rack. The battery is inconspicuously integrated into the seatpost, and the E/1 bike is powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Depending on preference, the bike can be ordered with Shimano, Enviolo or Rohloff gears and is available from € 6,649. We are definitely looking forward to putting the bike through its paces!

More information about the Vaast E/1 can be found at

Leggero child trailer with hydraulic overrun brake

Leggero produce child bike trailers for two children as well as bike trailers for one child in Romanshorn by the Lake Constance/Switzerland. With more than 30 years of experience, the Swiss company focuses not only on quality but also on innovation. The unique overrun brake technology celebrates its premiere at the Eurobike 2021. During an initial test on the exhibition grounds, we were able to form a very promising first impression. The electronically transmitted signal from the brake technology attached to the clutch is converted into a hydraulic brake command. Unfortunately, we are not yet allowed to show what this looks like in detail. Price and availability are not yet known, as the company is currently looking for cooperation partners to bring this trendsetting technology to the market. We are curious when it finds its way into the retailer showrooms and will test it in detail for you at the next opportunity.

More information about the Leggero child trailer can be found at

Hedon – stylish (e)bike helmets from England

Hedon – derived from hedonism (or in this case headonism): the relentless pursuit of pleasure. Founders Lindsay and Reginald have been dedicated to protecting motorcycle enthusiasts in style since 2011. Without compromising on safety, they have developed a style that is refined and nostalgic. With the highest quality materials and a remarkable attention to detail, they have now opened up to bikes. Their two new models Hedstrong (optimized for bio-bikes and ebikes up to 25 km/h) and Edenist (for ebikes up to 45 km/h) score points for sheer looks and tons of style! Both models are made of carbon, feature the proven MIPS system and are available now directly from the Hedon website and select bike boutiques. Priced at € 355, the Edenist is available in five different colours and is compatible with all Hedon visors. The Hedstrong goes over the counter starting at € 225 and is also available in five color options – its visors are still in production right now and will also be available for order soon.

More information about Hedon can be found at

cyklær E-Gravel bike

The cyklær brand – the smarter ebike – was born out of the collaboration between Porsche Digital and Storck Bikes and was first presented at Eurobike 2021. The goal: to create new cycling experiences for urban mobility with digital solutions. On board are the hip Croatian company Greyp, whose core competencies are software and battery technology, but it also manufactures its own ebikes, and the Bavarian drive manufacturer Fazua. The first bike from cyklær is an e-gravel bike with a carbon frame, Fazua drivetrain, SRAM Force AXE eTap electronic groupset, DT Swiss G1800 wheels, smartphone app with navigation, etc., and a front camera for taking photos and videos while riding. The rear camera under the saddle provides the rider with a real-time view of the rear, making it a digital rearview mirror.

More information on the cyklær E-Gravel bike can be found at

QiO Eins P-5

The basis of the EINS P-5 is a highly functional and compact one-size frame that is said to be suitable for body sizes from 1.65 to 1.90 m. The carrier with MIK standard is an integral and stabilizing part of the frame. In the basic version going for € 3,199, the QiO bike is equipped with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor, and from the QiO EINS P-5, the Bosch Performance Line CX motor is installed and equipped with the Gates CDX belt drive. The external battery has a capacity of 500 Wh, the color palette includes 8 colors and a very extensive range of accessories tailored to the bike will be offered at the bike launch.

More information about the QiO EINS P-5 can be found at

Words: Philipp Schwab, Benjamin Topf, Manfred Schmitt, Peter Walker Photos: Benjamin Topf, Peter Walker, Manfred Schmitt

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