9 Best Solar Atomic Watches -Updated 2019– Reviews & Buyers Guide


January 14, 2019 By Ross Spark 9 Best Solar Atomic Watches -Updated 2019– Reviews & Buyers Guide

Let me guess, you love the idea that the sun could charge a battery inside on an atomic watch. Do you think that watches are more than just accessories? Do you regard punctuality as a good moral value? If the answer to both of those question is “Yes!”, then you probably want to invest in one of these best solar atomic watches.Best Solar Atomic WatchesB​est Solar Atomic WatchesPriceWater Resistant DepthOur ReviewWhere to Buy?Best Overall Solar Atomic Watch1 – Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Watch$$Average200 metersRead Our Review Here

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Best Solar Atomic Sport Watch2 – Casio Men’s PRW-2500R Pro Trek$$$Expensive200 metersRead Our Review Here

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Runner Up Best Solar Atomic Watch3 – Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR G-Shock Solar Watch$Budget200 metersRead Our Review Here

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Best Stainless Solar Atomic Watch4 – Casio Men’s G-Shock Stainless Watch$$Average200 metersRead Our Review Here

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The main great thing about owning an atomic watch is, as one would expect, having access to the real time at all times. Different than other watches or clocks, the atomic watch is set to a universal time, all the gadgets being controlled via a radio frequency by very accurate clocks. The time is adjusted automatically, at preset intervals, by the nearest point. 5 – G-Shock GW6900 Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport$$Average100 metersRead Our Review Here

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6 – G-Shock GW2310-1 Men’s Tough Solar Atomic Black Resin Sport Watch$$Average200 metersRead Our Review Here

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7 – Casio Men’s AQS800WD-1EV Slim Solar Multi-Function Analog-Digital Watch$Budget100 metersRead Our Review Here

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8 – G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch$$Average200 metersRead Our Review Here

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9 – Casio Men’s GR8900A-1 G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Black Resin Sport Watch$$Average200 metersRead Our Review Here

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Solar atomic watches are, as the name implies, powered by a battery that uses solar energy to charge. This way, the user doesn’t have to invest anything for accurate timekeeping. That being said, there are some things that one should consider before purchasing one of these best solar atomic watches.Technology brings a lot of advantages, ultra accurate timekeeping being one of them. With these best solar atomic watches, the wearer won’t have to worry about running out of power . Let’s talk a bit about the atomic watch, the benefits of owning one and what features to keep an eye out for when shopping for such an item. How Do Solar Atomic Watches work?Aren’t we all just curious about the nitty gritties of how solar watches work? If you’re like most people and are dying to know the technicality of it, maybe we can help provide a little more insight. Solar watches work a lot like solar lights, solar decks and any other solar powered items you can think of. They work because they are powered by solar energy. They include a solar panel behind the crystal which absorbs sunlight and converts it to electrical energy that in turn powers the watch.  Once powered, these watches do pretty much what other types of timepieces do including telling time and other functionalities such as timing and stopwatch functions. Check the Wiki page for more info on how solar watches work!​Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Atomic WatchSolar watches have become an increasingly popular alternative to conventional watches. And just as with any other purchase, there are a couple of things you need to pay heed to when buying a solar atomic watch.  After all, the last thing you want is to make a purchase blindly without having done the proper due diligence on the item in question. To do this, you’ll probably turn to the internet for answers. From reviews to features, basically, every single thing goes. However, other than the internet, you could also ask the jeweler or store assistant for help especially if they are conversant and experienced in matters to do with solar-powered watches and their workings. Some pertinent factors that you need to put into consideration include:BrandPriceThe brand is not something that you would typically make top of the list when you’re looking for a suitable solar atomic watch for your needs. And you’ re probably right. However, some brands are far from trustworthy. Therefore, it is important to keep your eyes peeled for a brand that will not cause you grief. One that’s reliable in every sense of the way.This is quite straightforward really. You can only buy what you can afford. However, while having a budget is no doubt a good thing, it is important to ensure that you get the best solar watch for the money. Do a bit of research on the item to find out just how much it costs and exactly what features you’ll get from your purchase.WeightDesignEven though a solar watch has a lot to offer, a heavy one will still cause you grief. Walking around with a heavy watch on your wrist can be quite exasperating and gets old really fast. That’s why there are a myriad of solar watches on the market all with a range of weights for your convenience. Some will be lighter. Some will be heavier. If you pay close attention to the design of the watch, chances are you’ll end up with something good. Since it’s something that you’ll be wearing every time you head out, you certainly don’t want to compromise on style and comfort at any point. From comfort to how it gels with your attire, everything has to fit. Should I spend extra and buy a Premium Solar Atomic Watch?What other features should a shopper keep an eye out for? Something that adds to a watch’s usability is the band and screen quality. Screens can be manufactured using strong, resilient materials, preventing scratching and, as a bonus, ensuring that the waterproof of the item won’t downgrade from use and impact. Going premium might make a big difference. Some watches give very valuable information. Those who are interested in water sports might want to buy a watch that is designed with a tide graph, while those interested in hiking would put an altimeter to good use. Jump down to the Review Section…Durability of the Best Solar Atomic WatchesWatches go through all manner of rough treatment. From forgetting to take them off before you take a shower to having them on when going about your daily activities, things can get pretty bumpy for a watch that doesn’t have enough staying power to beat whatever comes its way. Therefore, it is advisable to pick a watch that will be durable regardless of the conditions it comes face to face with.Shock ResistanceWater ResistanceWater Resistance vs WaterproofShock-resistance is, arguably, a must-have. Sudden movements occur daily, and if a watch isn’t well-equipped to deal with impact it will not stand the test of time (pun intended). This feature is especially important to have in analogue watches.When you’re out and about, there’s never telling what kind of conditions you’ll be coming face to face with. From falling into a ditch or river or getting caught in a thunderstorm, anything goes. You’ll need a watch that can stand the test of time regardless of what comes your way. You know, one that is either waterproof or water resistant. And while most solar powered watches you come across will probably be waterproof anyway, it’s not entirely something that’s cast on stone and therefore it’s important to double check regardless.​Though seemingly similar, water resistance and being waterproof are two entirely different things. With water-resistant watches, it’s all about the surface. They can take a little humidity on the surface but if submerged in water, they immediately malfunction.On the other hand, if you have a watch that is waterproof, you can completely submerge it in water and not risk it malfunctioning or degrade in function in any way.How long to charge a Solar Atomic Watch?An average solar watch takes about 30 hours to get fully charged. That’s, of course, considering that its getting full exposure to sunlight. However, you and I both know that it’s practically impossible to leave your prized watch that long just so it gets fully charged up. Therefore, it is important to factor in the charging time and whether it practically workable and convenient for you depending on the kind of area you live, whether it gets enough sun and whether it’s possible for you to actually leave your watch out in the sun that long.How long does it work after fully charged?When it comes to this feature, there can be no compromise at all. Sure, you’ve already determined how long it takes to charge and all the other features but in terms of efficiency, how long the watch can hold power is an important and vital consideration that you can’t afford to ignore. Plus, the last thing you want is to have more downtime than working time just because the watch works for a little while before it eventually runs out.Reliability of Solar Atomic WatchesWe’ve all been there before. You’re all excited to finally get yourself another watch only to later find out that it’s just as unreliable as the one you disposed of. Luckily, with atomic models, there are tons of indicators that will tell you whether what you’re buying is the real deal including the brand and manufacturer of the watch in question.How the Watch Matches Your Personal NeedsIt’s easy to presume that just about any watch would meet your personal needs but nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on whether you’re looking for an upbeat stylish kind of watch or a basic model that just gets the job done, personal needs will be a quintessential factor to look into. So, before you take the plunge, you should have a general idea of what you are looking for.Your Style and Color PreferencesIf you’re anything like the modern shopper with no time to scour through all the available solar watches, it’s easy to settle for the first thing that you bump into. However, if you’re going to buy a solar watch and spend a considerable amount on your purchase, then you might as well get something that suits your fancy. From style and fashion to design everything has to be just right. And if you have a flair for details then nitty gritties like the strap size, simplicity or complexity of the watch or color might also be things that you might want to include in your bucket list.How Does It Feel?You’re probably going to have your watch on your wrist for hours and the last thing that you want is to be uncomfortable the whole time. It, therefore, goes without saying that this is one of the most vital if not integral factors to consider when choosing a suitable watch. Here are a couple of questions that will help you determine whether it’s the right feel for your wrist.Do you feel beginnings of pressure markings forming on your wrist when you wear it against your bare skin?Do your wrists hurt from wearing the watch for long?Is the level of tightness within the bearable limits?checkDoes it fit comfortably?checkWhat does the texture feel like? These and many more questions will help you determine whether the watch you go for is the right fit or whether you need to switch to something else.Ease of Closing and Opening the WatchThink about it! You’ll probably need to close and open your watch several times in the course of your using it. Therefore, you need to ensure that the clasp is top notch. From how easy it is to open and close to how solid it is, no stone should be left unturned.Why Buy a Solar Atomic Watch?The question of why you need a certain product over the other is always the hardest to answer. And while most solar powered watches reviews will probably tell you otherwise, there’s a simple reason why you should get yourself a solar powered watch.Owning a solar powered atomic watch is a practically hassle-free experience. The watch runs itself with literally no maintenance for the most part and it doesn’t need a battery as it is powered by solar energy. And as for accuracy, the fact that its atomic is a big help. Other reasons include:You travel a lot and want something that will take the stress out of traveling.You want a super accurate watch.You’re simply tired of having to replace batteries every time they run out.Advantages of a Solar Atomic WatchWater ProofMost solar powered atomic watches are waterproof up to 600 feet meaning that you can still take a swim or explore some scuba diving without having to worry about causing your watch to malfunction.Stylish DesignSolar atomic watches have a lot of styles. From the dial to the band, everything is intuitively made so you can see what time it is regardless of whether there are lights or not.AccuracyMinimal MaintenanceThanks to the atomic, solar powered watches are quite accurate and can help you get the precise reading of time not only in your time zone but also in 28-time zones and 48 cities.Minimal MaintenanceUnlike with conventional watches, with solar powered watches you are sure that you have sustainable power. That’s of course provided you keep it exposed to sunlight long enough for it to get fully charged up.If you’ve ever had a regular conventional watch in your possession, then you know better than anyone else just how difficult they can be to maintain after some time. At first, it’s all fun and games but then later on all that winding up becomes a total nuisance. With solar watches, you can rest easy without the hassle of having to wind up every time you are in a different time zone. As long as it’s powered up, it will keep track of time just fine. Best Solar Watches Under 200Knowing all the features that you need to be on the lookout for when shopping for a solar atomic watch is only half the battle. The other half mostly involves identifying 5 to 10 products that stack up better than others on the market. In the best solar watches under 200, you’ll find individual atomic solar watch reviews of some of the markets best solar atomic watches with all the information you need to know about the various features they come packed with and how they fair against other solar watches.But if we could only pick one we would suggest reading our review of this one. It comes loaded with features, backed with a durability that wont make you feel the need to baby your watch. Rest assured your hard earned bucks are being spent with good value in return.  Find On AmazonBest Solar Watches Under 100 In search of a high quality atomic solar powered watch?Let’s face it! Picking a watch that suits your needs and fancy can be a drag. Taxing, tiring and even then, you’re never really sure if you’ll pick the best. For all you know, it could be a mere hunch that in the end bears no fruit at all. With this best solar watches under 100, you can make a more informed choice and get the best out of your purchase. Not to mention also get more for less. Our pick for the best solar atomic watch under 100 is this one. So go ahead and save some bucks but still get a great watch!Find On AmazonFinal ThoughtsIf you’re in the market for a solar atomic watch, then you should consider the best solar watches under 200 and the best solar watches under 100 that we have discussed in detail above. With a bit of luck and your preferences clearly laid out, you’ll have no trouble at all finding a watch that works best for you.
Best Solar Atomic Watch ReviewsBest Overall Solar Atomic Watch1 – Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color WatchFirst thing’s first: this is a top choice for anyone who’s interested in an atomic watch. With a sporty vibe, a modern design, and any feature that an expert would like to have in his or her solar atomic wristwatch, the Casio G-Rescue is a great value pickup.It comes with a wide variety of features, including multiple alarm setup options, wrist guards, textured buttons for easy use and more. It functions using Multi Band 6 technology, which enables it to receive radio signals from six different points (automatic time correction available for Europe, NA, UK, China and Japan). Find On AmazonThose who are interested in watersports will find that the 200m will provide a lot of room to practice surface and submerged activities. Plus, it has a tide graph, giving the user the ability to check for shifts in the ocean’s level. When it comes to battery life, there are a lot of useful features to keep the user comfortable. The watch is designed with power saving options, to conserve the remaining energy, and an indicator which which displays the current battery life. The battery itself lasts between 5-23 months, depending on what power-hungry features are active. The resin case and mineral dial window make this a durable watch. The band is also resin, so it’s comfortable to the wrist. For a retail value of USD 150, this is a great value solar atomic watch for collectors, watersports enthusiasts or just for the casual user. 
Best Solar Atomic Sport Watch2 – Casio Men’s PRW-2500R Pro TrekShopping for value means finding a good balance between features and price. This particular watch is feature-packed in a robust case, complete with everything a sports practitioner might need to conquer his or her’s endeavours. The Pro Trek Solar Atomic PRW-2500R watch has been the flagship of its generation. Still in production, this atomic watch can be bought for a fraction of its initial price while still putting on an amazing performance. Find On AmazonThe screen has a lot of valuable information. It features a barometer graph, showing shifts in pressure for the past 10 hours, a tide graph for those interested in watersports, and a moon age indicator, to predict weather patterns (to some extent). This Pro Trek also features an altimeter, which reads the altitude in 5-meter increments. Other useful features that are present in this watch are a calendar, alarm and a backlight for the LCD screen.The LCD screen gives the user a sense of luxury. With multiple colors and a very crisp resolution, all of the information displayed on it will be extremely legible. For night use, the user can activate a very effective backlight. The build quality is nothing short of solid. The LCD is well-protected by a mineral dial window. The case itself is very tough, made using steel. The whole thing weighs just a bit over 80 grams. It uses the same Multi Band 6 technology (see above), so timekeeping is very accurate. The battery life is solid, on par with the previous watch, even if the whole package can be considered a bit power-hungry. That being said, most of the features (including the sensor) are designed in such a way that they will automatically turn off to conserve energy. It also has multiple power-saving options.Sold around USD 300 on launch, the watch can now be found for as little as USD 190 (maybe even lower!). With this feature set, this is nothing short of a steal.Note: If the battery reaches Low or Charge mode, some features (like the sensor) will become unavailable​
Runner Up Best Solar Atomic Watch3 – Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR G-Shock Solar WatchAs with the top pick, this next watch is another Casio G-Shock series solar atomic product. Like all of the G-Shock products, this watch is equipped with a resin case and has shock-resistant features. The watch itself is easier to wear than the other listed items. It’s easier on the eyes, so to speak, the design choice leaning more towards casual instead of sporty. In terms of other features, it does lose a lot.Find On AmazonThe design is a combination of modern and classic: the dial features an analogue and three LCD screens. The screens display time, battery life, a calendar and the alarm status. The front dial is also a solar panel. Because it has fewer features, it’s more likely that it will last longer. Casio vouch that their batteries last anywhere between 5-23 months for all of their Tough Solar productsIt’s water resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet, the same as the other two products. While this is nice, it’s probably hard to read it when submerged. Ergonomics have also been a key-point in designing this G-Shock watch. While it is stripped of the sport-focused functions, it’s still designed to be conservative in terms of power consumption and it’s very easy to use. Navigating through the options can be done using the four buttons. It does have an illumination feature. When enabled, an LED light will illuminate the dial, but not the LCD screens. The light is dimmer and less effective than what has been presented so far.The MSRP is around USD 100. Because it has a solid build, useful features and an all-around great design (both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics), it’s a great value.
Best Stainless Solar Atomic Watch4 – Casio Men’s G-Shock Stainless WatchThe Casio Men’s G-Shock Stainless Watch is a stainless steel addition to the G-Shock series. The stainless steel definitely makes it more robust, eliminating the need for an additional resin case.The overall look is a blend of sport and casual, the LCD dial making it far from formal. It would be a stretch to wear something like this to the office or to a party.That being said, it’s not bad-looking. The watch itself is in good proportions with the wristband, making for a good package. Find On AmazonThe features are G-Shock series standards. The watch comes equipped with four daily alarms and an additional snooze feature, stopwatch` and countdown timer, backlight for the LCD screen and the Multi Band 6 signal for great timekeeping. It also has a calendar and solar-charging capabilities.The battery lasts for up to nine months on a full charge, depending on the power-saving settings, what features are enabled and so on. This watch also has the ability to hold out when submerged up to 200m, but it’s not really built for watersports. The somewhat weak backlight and the LCD display will make it hard to read underwater. The price for the G-Shock Stainless watch ranges from USD 95 to USD 145, so be sure to browse through a few stores and knab the best deal. In terms of value, it’s alright.Now that we’re done with the best choices, let’s take a brief look at some solid alternatives.
5 – G-Shock GW6900 Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin SportThe G-Shock GW6900 Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport (not the catchiest of names) is very similar with what we’ve shown so far.In terms of features, it’s pretty standard: Multi Band 6 atomic timekeeping, backlight for the black and white LCD display, alarms, calendar, alarm with a snooze function, battery saver and water-ready up to 200m. The battery is the same used in other Tough Solar products, so it’s very reliable.Price-wise, it’s a bit of a downgrade. Ranging from USD 110 to around 165, there might be better options. That being said, it’s still a good, solid watch.Find On Amazon
6 – G-Shock GW2310-1 Men’s Tough Solar Atomic Black Resin Sport WatchJust from the name, one can quickly determine that this is a different variation of the previously-featured watch. With a bit of a dated design, the user will have a very similar experience. The features are the same, but come at a lower price. This can be purchased for around USD 100. Note: Production for this watch started in 2001. Enthusiasts might find that it’s a nice addition to their collectionsFind On Amazon
7 – Casio Men’s AQS800WD-1EV Slim Solar Multi-Function Analog-Digital Watch​The Slim Solar breaks the pattern. It has a fresh design: a black dial with golden undertones placed on a sturdy steel bracelet. While it is solar-powered and does use the Multi Band 6 technology, it’s designed to stay waterproof up to 100m (or 330 feet), half of what the other featured watches could handle. The feature set is also basic: alarms, stopwatch and timer, solar-powered and long-lasting battery. That being said, while it is designed with a resin case and a sturdy stainless steel bracelet, it’s not part of the G-Shock collection, so it might be weaker.You can find one as low as USD 40. The low price and solid features make it a great deal, especially for those who’re value shoppers.Find On Amazon
8 – G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch​Another G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar, but this time in a sport variant, so we’ll keep this one short.Same water resistance, same atomic clock technology and solar battery, same everything except the package. It’s a tasteful take on the sport model, great for athelets who’re looking to get their hands on a good-value watch.It comes in green and red, the green version being around USD 100, the red selling for around USD 80. It’s a good deal, considering that the price isn’t negatively-affected by the sleeker design.Find On Amazon
9 – Casio Men’s GR8900A-1 G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Black Resin Sport Watch​The last featured item is a newer version of the G-Shock Tough Solar collection. This black resin beauty is sturdy, sporty and powered by the best features. The resin case and band make it comfortable and shock-ready, so sports are definitely where this watch will shine brightest. With a price point that’s under USD 100, shoppers can get the best basic features present in this collection in one of the newest incarnations. It’s sporty, but subtle, and looks very sleek and modern.The Tough Solar battery will ensure that every wearer gets access to all of the useful features for as long as possible, running entire months on one full charge.Find On Amazon

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